Tamara's Dream Comes True

Tamara is 15 year old, goes to Casula High School in Sydney. She has 3 friends. Been in a relationship since she was 13 year old.
Her Parents are very strict. she has 1 brother and 2 sisters (all younger than her).
Her Boyfriend name is Liam Payne (Yeah I know one direction, but he isn't in one direction in this story).


3. Graduating from High School.

Liam has already finished school last year. I am year 12 in the middle of my HSC and i cant talk but i don't care... i don't want to do anything anyway. OK, i have finished my HSC thank god! no school 4EVA!. The way we celebrate thing me and Liam by having sex. I want a baby with him.. after i have finished school, we are going to try for a baby. I am at my graduation. "Ok, the person who got everything correct is... Tamara Wilson!" said Mrs Sullivan (our principal). OMG i passed everything in my HSC, omg we are definitely having sex tonight. My mum said "We are going for dinner to celebrate" i said "I am sorry but me and Liam have plans" Mum said "What plans"... i was thinking should i tell her and not to tell her. But i decided to tell her. "Mum and Dad, me and Liam are having sex basically every weekend".. Mum and Dad had a shocked face.. but in a way they were happy.
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