Darcie Tomlinson-Styles

Darcie is a young girl who lives with foster parents. She doesn’t like her foster parents or her foster siblings. Help Darcie find her parents and make her life a lot better with her birth parents.


3. Chapter 3: Talk With Mom

After school mom and a curly hair dude pulled up. The curly haired dude walked up to Mr Horan. The must know each other. I hoped in the car and mum drove home but there was a little talk in the car.

“Mom who was the curly haired dud who was in the car.” I ask

“His name is Harry. He comes to me for help nothing special.” mum replied.

“Ok Mom.”

The rest of the car ride was silent. We pulled up out front of the house.  I jumped out of the car and grabbed my bag. Mom unlocked the door and I ran to my room.

“Darcie?” I hear my brother say.

“What Max?”

“Come play with my please.”

“No. Now get out of my room.”

“MOM, Darcie won’t play with me.” Max yelled to mom.

“She doesn’t have to play with you max.” Mom replied.

“Fine I will as Jake to play with me.”

As Max left my room, I got changed into my 1D PJs and went to mom to talk to her.


“Yes Darcie?”

“How is Mr. Horan? He said he has known you before I was born.”

“Mr. Horan and I went to school together. He’s first name is Niall. He was in a band called One Direction. Maybe they are still together I’m not sure. And they’re on your Pjs.”

“Do you have any of their music Mom?”

“I think I do somewhere. I will look of it ok.”


I walked up to my bedroom and looked in my mirror. I looked at the coloured images on my PJs. There was the curly haired dude from this afternoon and Mr. Horan on it. But I noticed something. The curly hair dude has hair like me and the brunette with blue eyes has my eyes. But they mightn’t be my parents. It went and laid on my bed. Minutes later I was asleep.

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