Darcie Tomlinson-Styles

Darcie is a young girl who lives with foster parents. She doesn’t like her foster parents or her foster siblings. Help Darcie find her parents and make her life a lot better with her birth parents.


2. Chapter 2: School with Phoebe

*Darcie’s P.O.V.*

Mummy made me pancakes for breakfast. Yummy but it could have had carrots with it. Mummy helped me put my shoes on and we walked out the door. Me and mummy were talking about the street signs until she called out my school sign. ‘Holmes Chapel Primary School’ the school I go to and the school that I love. Mum walked me to my class room but as she walked in her mood changed and I noticed.

“Ally?” I hear an accent but I didn’t know what type.

Mum ran out of the room without say bye. I just imagined mum said bye as I walk over to Phoebe. She has beautiful blonde hair with brown eyes. She was my bff and she always will be.

“Morning Darc.”

“Morning Phebs.”

“How are you Darc?”

“I’m fine. What about you?”

“I’m great.”

“You must be Darcie Styles.” The dude who called out to mum said.

“Who are you?” I reply

“Darcie meet Mr. Horan.” (Phoebe)

“Mr. Horan?” (Me)

“Yes my name is Mr. Horan.” (Mr. Horan)

“Ok Mr. Horan how do you know my mum?” (Me)

“Me and you mum go back before you were born.” (Mr. Horan)

The bell rang just after he said that. The rest of the day was good but scary as well. I have to tell mum about Mr. Horan.

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