Secrets ~ One Direction All In One Love Story

This story is about five girls. But these are no ordinary girls. They are different...people are after them.


1. Us

Hello! My name is Skylar! My sisters are here too so you can meet them too! But first, lets get to know me first! So my full name is Skylar name. Ok, ok your probably like," Why dont you have a last name!!!" So I guess ill tell you...and this goes for my sisters too. You and my sisters are..different. We can read peoples minds, and talk to people from our minds...ok now your probably going to stop reading this right now..but thats ok I get it. We dont really know why we are like this but I guess we were just born like it. Ok so back to the whole last name thing...Ok so when me and my sisters were born, wait ok let me tell you that we were born on December 25. All of us but me!! On Christmas!!! Why? Well my oldest sisters are Serena and Selena. They were born on December 25 1994. They were born as twins. They look kind of alike but not really...Serena has dark brown wavy hair while Selena has straight light brown hair. But I will tell you about them later. Anyways when they were born, the doctor took a dna sample of them, and saw they were not ordinary. He told our parents, and they immediatley rejected them. They wouldnt take their own children! Selena and Serena went to a special place for the government and stayed there. Then one year after my parents had twins again. They named them Samantha and Savannah. (They didnt look alike at all either)  Our parents hoped that they wouldnt be the type Selena and Serena were.. so after they were born, the doctor once again took a sample.....but they werent normal either. Our parents sent them away to live with Serena and Selena. They got so desperate to have a normal child that on July 4 the next year....they had me. Another baby! No twins, just me! They hoped I was normal too. The doctor, once again, took a dna sample.....but I was not normal either. I was not like my sisters either. I was FAR from them.

I could do what my sisters could do, but I could do more. I could control water control fire control air control name it. I could teleport, shape all those parents sent me away to live with my sisters too. The government could not take any take any information from the outside world, so they never found out our last name..until then we grew up in the special place. When Serena and Selena got 16, Samantha and Savannah got 15, and I just turned 15 too, we ran from the place. We didnt feel like staying there anymore, we had to see the outside world. We now currently live in a two story house in London. Wondering how we got the money? Powers.

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