perfect realtionship

Luke, from 5sos gets locked out of his hotel. Just so happens, Elle, the girl next door finds his keys. Ever from that moment on the only picture in his mind was that beautiful smile she flashed when ever the passed by. What happens when ashton's falling for her too? who will she pick. what will happen. find out and click read


1. shit, it's locked

Luke's pov~

I walked out of the elevator and ran down the halls to room 303. I can't find my room card or my spare keys for the damn place. "Shit" I mumble. I knock knowing Ashton isn't here. "Excuse me, are you Lucas H.?" I heard a small quiet voice from behind. I turned to face who ever it was and my jaw dropped so far I could have gotten lock jaw. "Erm, yes?" I answer. "Oh, dropped your keys in the elevator." she handed me the keys and shuffled over to the room next to me. "Holy, shit...." I whispered. I unlocked the door and went inside. I swear she was the most beautiful girl i ave ever laid my eyes on. Maybe I'll go visit her tomorrow!

Elle's POV~

I got into an elevator and saw a little card on the floor. I scooped it up and scanned through the words. "Luke H. sweet #303 room card`" since my room is sweet #302 I figured he is probably up there and can't get in. I was right by the time i was there he was mumbling shit and had his head down. "Excuse me..are you Luke H.?" I quietly, not wanting to startle the lad. "He turned around and his jaw dropped. So fucking glad it was dark-ish because I was sure I had been blushing, "Oh, good. I found this in the elevator."  I gave him his card, flashed a smile before walking into y room. Met with my angry, drunk, abusive boyfriend...Devinare, Dev or Devin for short. "AND WERE THE FUCKING HELL BALLS HAVE YOU BEEN, YOU LITTLE SLUT?!?!" he yelled in my face. "I-I was taking a walk.." He didn't care, he smacked me really hard. "YOU EVEN DARE MAKE A NOISE I WILL RIP OUT YOUR GUTS!! YOU HEAR ME??!!" "Yeah" I peeped.  With that he lifted my up and drop kicked me, I didn't hold in my scream. SHIT BALLS!! "YOU LITTLE-" *knocked knock on the door* he left me there and opened the door. Just before it all went dark I saw Luke..he hit Devin. I have no clue what even happened next.

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