perfect realtionship

Luke, from 5sos gets locked out of his hotel. Just so happens, Elle, the girl next door finds his keys. Ever from that moment on the only picture in his mind was that beautiful smile she flashed when ever the passed by. What happens when ashton's falling for her too? who will she pick. what will happen. find out and click read


2. A/n

Guys I'm really sorry, I didn't describe what Devin or Elle look like. 
so some remonders: in this fanfic luke is 19 but still has a lip ring!

Elle: 5'4, Big brown eyes, long dirty blonde hair with blue in the ends. 3 earings on each ear, a nose ring and 1cm gauges.18 years
no tattoos...yet;)


Devin: just think of the ugliest 19 year old you could even imagine...thats devin:D

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