He was just there.

When we moved, I never thought I would meet a boy right away. But he was just there, wanting me and then he left..


8. What is going on??

Me and Harry left Louis house and went back to his house we went to his bathroom and hopped in the shower together. We got out and Harry said, "God you are so beautiful!" I smiled and said thanks. We went to his room and changed. After we got changed and we did our hair we went downstairs and sat down on the couch. We started having like a full on make-out session when we heard the door bell ring we both looked at each other and Harry got up and walked towards the door. He opened it, "Mum??!!" He yelled. "Harry!! Sorry I'm back so early!! I missed you and wants to come home!!" She came in and saw me sitting on the couch. "Who is that Harry?" She said. I stood up, "Hello! My names Taylor. I'm Harry's girlfriend." She smiled and me and Harry and went upstairs to unpack her bags. Harry came over and sat back down on the couch, he out in Love actually and now we were watching it. I fell asleep, like always. Next thin I knew I woke up to the sound of Harry and his mum fighting. I listened, "Mum shush you are going to wake up Taylor!!" He said. "Well we could stop this argument if you would just quit arguing with me about going on the show!!" What show was she taking about? "Well I don't want to go on the show!! I don't want to leave the love of my life here!!!" He yelled and stomped up the stairs. I pretended to wake up right after that and looked at Harry's mum. "Where's Harry?" I asked her. "He's in his room." She said nicely. I went to his room and smiled he smiled back like nothing happened. I just decided not to ask him anything about whatever show they were fighting about. Me and Harry fell asleep on his bed. The next morning I woke up when Harry was still asleep and went into Gemma's room. She was awake and on her phone. "Gemma?" I called to her. "Oh my god Taylor don't scare me like that again!!" She said. "Sorry. I was just wondering if you knew about that show Harry is going on?" I asked. "Oh my god. He didn't tell you? He's going on the X-Factor next week!!" She looked at me all serious. I felt hurt inside why wouldn't Harry tell me about this? Can he even sing? "Can he sing" I asked her. "Haha oh yes he can!! Haven't you ever heard him sing?" She asked. "No!" I walked out of the room and ini Harry's room. "Harry get up NOW!!!!" I yelled. He woke up, " Babe calm down what's wrong??!!" "How come this while entire time you never told me you were going on the X-Factor and that you could sing??! Why??" He looked at me," Babe cal down and listen." I called down a little. " I didn't want to tell you right away because I didn't want to hurt you and get you worried!!" "Well will you sing for me later??! He looked at me and smiled," Of course!" I snuggled up next to him and felt a little worried like what will happen with me and Harry's relationship when he goes on the X-Factor?

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