He was just there.

When we moved, I never thought I would meet a boy right away. But he was just there, wanting me and then he left..


5. What about Gemma?

The next day I almost forgot about what happened between me and Harry last night. Then it came back to me, should I tell Gemma? I decided to wait and see if Harry would tell her. I looked at Gemma and she was still asleep and the clock read 5:30 and we usually get up and 6. So I decided to go downstairs in the kitchen and see if Harry was awake I heard him talking to Niall again. "Hey dude, what's up? I wanted to call you and tell you something but you cannot tell anyone. Promise?? Okay well I heard Taylor coming down the stairs and she looked really tired so I picked her up and took her to the kitchen to get her a drink. But of course next thing I knew I accidentally kissed her. She is soo beautiful and sweet!" I started to blush then I ran upstairs. I decided to use the bathroom and wash my face then wake Gemma up. I got done and went over to her. "Gemma time to wake up its 6:00." She looked at me with her droopy eyes, "How long have you been up?" She asked, "Only for a couple minutes. I just had to use the bathroom then I decided to wash my face." Crap I lied.... But oh well! She got out of bed and we both went into the bathroom and started on our hair. Gemma put her hair into a high pony tail with curls in the ends and I just did mine straight with my bangs pulled back into a bow. She walked over to her closet and threw me some clothes. She gave me a blue shirt from Aeropostale, some short shorts and some white vans. Wow she has cute clothes. We headed down the stairs to get some breakfast and we smelled something really good! We reached downstairs and walked into the kitchen to find Harry making bacon,eggs, and waffles. My favorite food!!! He turned around and took a look at my full body, " Wow Taylor you look stunning!" "Thanks!" I said back smiling :) we say in silence eating our breakfast when it was time for us to leave for school. Me and Gemma headed for my car and got in. She looked at me and asked, " Taylor tell me the truth, okay?" I nodded. "Do you like Harry?" I looked at her again, " Gemma I don't want to hurt you by dating your brother when we are best friends. But I do like him." She looked at me and smiled, "Really? I kinda wanted you to date him!!" And we both laughed. We reached school and my stereo was blaring. We got out of the car and everyone was staring at us with amazement. I knew it was how we looked. We went in and I saw Harry waiting for me and my locker I looked at Gemma and she smiled! I walked towards him and he smiled at me, and I smiled back :) I reached my locked and he hugged me and asked, "Did you tell Gemma what happened between us last night?" I looked at him, "I didn't tell her about the kiss but I told her I liked you and I thought you like me. She said was happy for me and she wanted us to be together.." He looked at me, " You think I like you?? Well yes I do! Well anyways would you, Taylor, like to go in a date with me?" I smiled and kissed him, " Of course"

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