He was just there.

When we moved, I never thought I would meet a boy right away. But he was just there, wanting me and then he left..


9. The X-Factor

Later in that day me and Harry got up to go downstairs and grab some breakfast. I walked to the pantry and got out some Lucky Charms, while he grabbed some Toasted Mini Wheats. We ate our cereal and when we were done we went back upstairs to start getting ready for the day. "Babe, you said you would sing for me!" He looked at me and started to sing Say Something- Christina Aguilara. After he was done singing I looked at him with amazement!! Wow that was so good! How did he learn to sing like that??!! "How was it??" He asked. "Amazing" I smiled. I really wanted for him to go on the X-Factor now... But I don't want him to leave me.

1 week later:

It was the night before Harry's audition!! We were both really excited and it looked like Harry was a bit nervous. We hopped into bed and we looked at each other and smiled. "Taylor, will you make love to me before I audition?" He said with a smile. I laughed and smiled back. He took off his clothes. Then mine. We had sex for about 20 minutes then I fell into his chest. Wow how is he so good at that. We laughed and talked about his audition the next day when I fell asleep. I woke up the next morning to the sign of Harry's voice, "Babe, get up time to get ready to go to my audition!" I woke up and saw him getting dressed. His hair was really brown and curly so it was all messy.

He wore a he wore a white tee, a gray sweater, and a long green scarf. His pants were black and baggy. He walked into the bathroom to do his hair. I heard him in the bathroom practicing his song for the audition- Isn't she lovely by Stevie Wonders. I started getting dressed and do my hair when Harry yelled up the stairs, "Babe, it's time to go!!!" I ran down the stairs and he had me cardigan and purse all ready for me, I smiled. We were driving in the car with his mom, step-dad, and sister. "Harry why don't you sing your song for the audition for us. It will be good practice!" His mom said. He started singing and I just listened with amazement! He is so good!!! He ended the song and looked at me. He kissed me and his mom looked at us and smiled. We arrived and got out of the car. There was so many people waiting here with their families to try out. We waited in line for like 2 hours it felt like. When we got to the front of the line Harry walked up and got his number. After he got his number we went inside the large building and waited even more that felt like forever. Then a nice man come out and read: Harry Styles and his family. Please follow me.

We followed the man to what looked like a backstage and hear someone else singing. It was almost time for him to go on. "Your on in five." The man said. Harry was looking down. "Harry are you okay?" I asked him. "Yes I'm fine! I'm very nervous though.." I smiled at him, "You will be okay! I promise." Me and his family all wished him good luck and kissed him goodbye. Then he walked into the stage.

Authors note:

Hey guys!!! I haven't written an authors note yet, but I was just going to ask how's it going??? Do you like it? This is my first one so I hope it's good :) What do you guys think is going to happen to Taylor and Harry's relationship? Thanks for reading and favoriting!!! Xxxxx

*Harrys point of view*

I walked Ono the stage and saw millions of faces I have never seen before looking at me. I stated turning red, then I heard Simons voice. He asked me what my name, where I worked at and what I wanted to go to college for. I answered all of his question and then saw Taylor in the audience. I smiled. "Harry do you have a girlfriend? If so is she here with us tonight?" I gestured for Taylor to stand up and she did. Everyone smiled, because she was beautiful with the spot lights hitting her. The. The music came on and I stated to sing. Wow is this nerve racking.

*Back to Taylor's point of view*

I watched as he sang and could tell he was really nervous!! As the song almost reached to the end I decided to go back to the backstage to see him after. He ended singing and we looked at the judges stare at him in amazement. I knew they would say yes. And I was right they all gave him YES'S!!!!!! He ran backstage and him and his mum hugged. He was last to see me. He ran up to me and picked me up, "Babe, I am sooo happy for you!!" He smiled at we had a kiss that felt like forever!!

He kept going to his auditions and he made it to the last 24 people and only 1 more spot was left. Simon announced the name, and it wasn't him... He started crying and ran backstage. He cried into my shoulder and was so sad. 10 minute later the nice guy from the first audition ran up to Harry and these other boys named: Niall, Zayn, Louis, and Liam. They were all told to go back onto the stage. They all went and were told they were being out into a group together. They all jumped into each others arms and started to cry. I wonder if they knew each other?? After that they drove back to Harry's step-dads place and they were instantly famous. All the girls love them.

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