He was just there.

When we moved, I never thought I would meet a boy right away. But he was just there, wanting me and then he left..


7. The party.

The next I woke up because I thought I heard Harry's voice. But it couldn't be him, how could he get in my house? I heard it again, "Babe get up time to get ready for school!" I woke up and saw Harry standing in my doorway. "Harry?!!! How did you get into my house??" "I found the spare key outside under the mat... Great place to hide it!" I smiled, "Harry you are not funny!!" He looked straight at me and said, "How was I being funny?!" "I didn't expect you be in my house! It scared me to death!" He laughed, "Sorry just get out of bed, we have to get to school!" I got out of bed and remembered I only had my underwear and shirt on I just walked past him like nothing was wrong and he just stood there smiling and watching me.. I went to the closet and stuck out my butt and checked to see if he was looking, he was. I turn back to the closet smiling. I picked out some clothes and threw them on. Then I went to the bathroom and pulled my long silky blonde hair into a ponytail. "Babe, are you almost ready?" Harry asked me. "Yes babe, be out in a minute!!" I got out of the bathroom and went downstairs where he was waiting for me at the front door I out on my grey converse, grabbed my backpack and got into Harry's car. On the ride there he looked at me, " You looked very attractive this morning!" He said. I started to blush and I smiled. When we got to school he kissed me goodbye and I said, "Oh me and Gemma are going to go shopping after school for a new dress for the party!" I smiled. "I bet you will look amazing! You always do!" He kissed me again then left. I walked to my locker and saw Gemma standing there I walked up to her and smiled, "Hey Taylor! Are you excited for our shopping after school for your new dress??!" I looked at her and smiled, "Of course I'm excited!! If I am shopping with my best friend I will be excited!! We both smiled as I got my books out of my locker then we went to our classes.

4 hours later:

It was the end of school finally and we were walking out of school when I kissed Harry goodbye and told him I would see him tonight. We walked to Gemma's car as she said, " You two are so cute together!" "Thanks." I said back. We got into her car and drove to Forever 21. As we got there I went straight to the dress section. Right as I was looking I found the most perfect dress!! I grabbed my size and ran straight to the changing rooms to try it on!! I out it on and called Gemma's name to come and look. I opened the door to the changing room and started making circles, she looked at me with amazement! "Wow Taylor, you look soooo pretty!!" I smiled. "So you like it?" She nodded. It was a mint green, short dress with a cutout heart in the back that showed my skin. As we were at Forever 21 I got some mint green high heels. We got back into Gemma's car and drove to my house to get ready because I wanted it to be a surprise to Harry how I looked. We got to my house and went in. I changed into my dress and Gemma changed into her flower dress. We both did our hair in a high ponytail and put curls in the end. We then out on our high heels, put on our cardigans,grabbed our purses and got in my car. We were driving to the party when Gemma said, "Taylor I'm nervous..." She looked seriously at me. "Why are you nervous Gemma? It just a party! We will have fun!" "Because today at school Josh told me that he wanted to have some fun with me tonight." I looked at her and she was looking out the window. "Gemma if you don't feel comfortable doing anything 'fun' with Josh then tell him!" She looked at me and said, "Okay." We got to the party and we went in I saw Harry getting a drink. I walked towards him and he looked at me with amazement and smiled, "I told you, you would look amazing!" He kissed me and handed me a beer. What he trying to get me drunk? He's a cheeky one! I drank it and for some reason wanted another one. After my 4th one I felt drunk. Harry pulled me into him and said, " Should we go find a room?" I looked at him and smiled. He picked me up and I put my legs around his waist and we were kissing going up the stairs. We go to a bedroom when he slammed the door shut and dropped me on the bed. I started laughing and then he started laughing. He started stripping my clothes off if me when I was only in my bra and red laced underwear. He smiled and my structure. I took off all of his clothes except for his boxes when I could see his bulge. He put a blanket over us and he took off my bra and underwear, " Wow your body is amazing Taylor." He said. I took off his boxers and threw them across the room. Next thing I knew we were making out and he started thrusting in and out of me. I let out a load groan and he stopped and let me adjust I his size. He then starts pumping really hard in and out and in and out again. "I am going to cum!" Harry yelled. I started saying his name really loud, " HARRY!! HARRY!!! HARDER!!!!" He pushed even harder and I yelled, "Cum for me Harry!!" He started to cum and it felt sooo good. After we had a wild sex I layed down next to him and said, "Wow that was amazing!" We both smiled and he kissed me. We both fell asleep a couple minutes later.

*Next Morning*

I woke up with the sun shining in my face. I checked to see if Harry was still asleep, and he was. Wow that was a wild night last night I thought to myself. I put on my underwear and a pair of Harry's shirt, since his shirts go down to like my knees. I went downstairs and saw a bunch if people passed out on the floor and the couches. I went to the kitchen and saw Gemma standing there getting a glass of water. I went up to her, " Goodmorning Gemma what happened with you and Josh last night?" I asked her. She looked at me seriously then smiled, "We had a rough night.." She looked t me again, " What about you and Harry?" I smiled, " It was wild!" I went I the bathroom and went back upstairs to find Harry wants there. I saw bye on the bed, it read : Good morning sweetie! If you are reading this then you can tell I'm gone. I went to go get some breakfast! Be back in 10!! Xxxx Harry

When I got done reading it I let out a deep breath. Phew we I thought he left me. When Harry got back he came up to the bedroom and I was on my Iphone looking on twitter. No new followers or new tweets from anyone. He handed me some Einstein Bros and bagels. He looked at me, "You were very sexy last night." He said while smiling. All I did was blush, like always. We ate our food then went down stairs hand in hand we saw Gemma and Josh giggling on the couch. We walked past them and went I the kitchen an got a drink of water.

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