He was just there.

When we moved, I never thought I would meet a boy right away. But he was just there, wanting me and then he left..


6. The date..

Right after Harry asked me out he walked away and I ran to find Gemma to tell her about the news! I found her, " Gemma!! Gemma!! Guess what just happened!!" "What??!" "Harry asked me out!!! And we are going on a date tonight!!" I yelled, "Really??!! I will come to your house after school and help you get ready, okay!!" I smiled and we both walked away.

3 hours later:

We had ended school and I started walking out to my car when Gemma came up to me, " See you at your house girlfriend!!" She yelled, "See ya!!" I saw Harry standing near my car so I ran up to him, " Hey Babe!! Are you ready for our date tonight?" He asked, "Yup :) I'm excited.." He kissed me, "Pick you up at 7" I then got into my car and drove to my house to find out that Gemma was already there waiting for me in her car. We both walked in and went to my room. "Wow you have a big house too, don't ya?!" I looked at her, "Haha not as big as your bit sure!" She smiled. We went into my room and she went straight to my closet, "Wow I didn't know that you knew fashion!!" She said. I layed on my bed thinking about what I should do with my hair, " Hey Gemma what should I do with my hair?" I asked her, she just looked at me and smiled saying, "I have the perfect hairstyle!" After she had found me an outfit I put it on and it was a beautiful short blue dress that flared at the bottom. I never knew I had this in my closet! She handed me some of her high heels she had brought with her they were also blue. I see why she did there, brought those shoes so she could see if I had anything matching! I put on my outfit and went into the bathroom where Gemma was waiting for me with a curling iron, bobby pins, and a clip. First she started curling my hair, when that was finished she got the clip and pulled my hair up into the clip, and put the bobby pins around. It looked soo cute! I stood up and put on the high heels she have me. I looked at her and she gazed in amazement," Wow Taylor, you look beautiful!! Harry is going to love it!!" I walked down that stairs and grabbed my white cardigan that matched my outfit and my purse. Next thing I new Harry was at my doorstep I walked to the door and opened it and saw Harry staring and me with wide eyes and a huge smile on his face!! "Taylor you look gorgeous!!" "Thank you babe!" We kissed and got into his car he turned on my favorite song: Neon Lights-Demi Lovato! I sang on the ride there and when the song finished he turned down the radio and said, " Taylor you have a beautiful voice!" "Thank you!" I said while blushing. We got to the restaurant and say down. I don't remember what this place was called but it smelled really good. I looked talk the menu and saw a fettuccini soup. I looked up at Harry and he was just staring at me, " Do you know what your ordering Harry?" I said, "Yes. How about you beautiful?" "Yes!" The waiter came over and looked at Harry and started flirting with him. "Hello what may I get the two of you?" She said as she was smiling at Harry. Harry ordered then I ordered. She looked at Harry and said, " You have a very cute British accent." Harry just smiled and said nothing. She walked away and we say in silence for a minute. Harry looked at me very serious and said, " Taylor I have to tell you something... I love you." I started to blush really bad and smiled big. "I love you too Harry."

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