He was just there.

When we moved, I never thought I would meet a boy right away. But he was just there, wanting me and then he left..


3. My classes..

When I walked into my first class I saw everyone look at me with wide eyes. I smiled at each one of them and they all smiled back, I was looking for a seat when I saw a open one next to a girl with long blonde hair and she gestured me to come sit next to her. I went and sat down, "Hello my names Gemma!" She said with a really nice British accent. "Hello my names Taylor, nice to meet you!" I already had a feeling we were going to be best friends. We walked out of our class and she asked to look at my schedule, I handed it to her and she looked over it. " OMG!! We have every class together!!! Yay!!" I smiled and we both started to laugh. I walked I my locker and got out my lunch. As me and Gemma stepped into the lunch room we found a seat. She starts telling me where everyone sat, "So over there is where all the geeks sit. Over there by them is where all the film festival people sit. Over there is where the cheerleaders sit." Right when she said cheerleaders I looked right at them, they were all staring at me like they wanted me on their team. "An over there is where all the cool/cute boys sit." I looked over at the boys and saw one of the. Staring right at me, I turned and looked at Gemma " Hey who is that boy that keeps looking at me?" I asked her, " Oh you saw him... He is my brother, his names Harry. He is supposedly one of the most popular kids in school. He is a jerk though." I looked back at him and he was still looking at me, I hurried and turned my head in the opposite direction. After lunch we had one more class then school was over. We walked to our last class which was science, Uggggg. We sat down and I felt like that was the longest hour of my life!! We went back to our lockers after class had ended and got our stuff together. I walked outside to my car when I ears someone yell my name is was Gemma. " Hey Taylor!! Want to come to my house?" I looked at her and smiled, " Yes!! Of course I will follow you!!" I walked back to my car and got in. I saw her and her brother get into the car. Crap I forgot that he was her brother... And he liked me.

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