He was just there.

When we moved, I never thought I would meet a boy right away. But he was just there, wanting me and then he left..


4. Gemma's house..

After 15 minutes had past I arrived at her house and she was just pulling in. I parked along the street and got out of my car waking towards her. "Hey, you live farther than I though!" "Yeah sorry about that!" I looked at her house and it looked like a mansion.. She directed me inside and I handed her my sweater. I saw Harry there and he was in the fridge. He turned around looked at me and said, " Hey love, are you hungry?" I looked back at him, "No not really thanks though." And I smiled. We walked up the stair to Gemma's room and went in. Wow she has a huge room! She say on her bed and I sat next to her, she took out her Iphone and pressed Bluetooth and selected some music. All of a sudden her music came out of her Iphone doc. "Wow is that a Bluetooth speaker?" I asked, " It sure is!" I accidetaly asked her where Harry's room was and she said " It's in the basement because he's too loud doing whatever he does down there." I started to think, what does he do down there? Free a couple hours of listening to music and dancing around we heard Harry yell up the stairs, " Hey lovelies, would you like to come a movie?" We both yelled back yes. We went down stairs and Harry had already had popcorn and treats out on the coffee table. We say down on the long couch and I ended up being in the middle. "So why movie would you like to watch girls?" I asked them if they had The Notebook and they both looked at eachother and smiled, " Yes we love thy show!" We started the movie and Harry say down awfully close to me. Next thing you knew his arm was around me. I looked at him and he looked down at me and smiled. I just smiled back. An hour past and I started getting hungry. " Hey Gemma I'm hungry." She looked at me, " Okay wanna go get some food?" "Yes please!" Harry looked at both of us and said, " Dinners on me." I think he was trying to impress me :) We hopped into Harry's car which was a black convertible like mine but mine is silver. We drive down the road and he said, " How about Olive Garden?" Me and Gemma both nodded our heads and smiled.. We went into the restaurant and ordered some food. "So Harry do you play any sports?" I asked him, "Yes I play soccer." I smiled and Gemma looked at me and winked. I though Gemma said he was a jerk? Hmmm maybe he changed because of me. Anyways we sat and ate in silence and went back to her house when we got there it was about 7:00 at night. "Hey Taylor, do you just want to stay the night? You can borrow some of my clothes for school tomorrow sines we get out early?" I nodded and we both smiled. We went into her bedroom and got settled in. She turned on her big, flat t.v. And asked me what I wants to watch. "Bridesmaids?" I said. And she turned it on. Then next hour me and Gemma both fell asleep I woke up in the middle of the night because I heard some one talking. I walked out of her room and walked to the railing by the stairs and heard Harry on the phone. "Hey Niall, do you know that really cute new girl at school?" I started to blush while listening. " Yeah well she is at my house. She mad Gemma are like bet friends. She stayed the night." I heard him laugh. "No! I'm not going to do that!! Well dude I have to go make sure they are sleeping. Bye see you at school." I ran into Gemma's room and shut the door quietly behind me and jumped into the bed. I heard his footsteps coming up the stair and was decided what to do.. Should I pretend I am sleeping or just get our of bed and act like I need a drink if water? I decided to go with the drink f water. I hopped out of bed again and went for the door, I opened it and Harry was standing there reaching for the door knob. " What are you doing? Shouldn't you be asleep?" I asked him, " Sorry I though I heard something I was seeing if you guys were asleep."!we walked down the stairs together and I tripped from being so tired. Harry picked me up and took me to the kitchen and sat me on a stool he got me some ice water and brought it to me. "Thanks." I told him and smiled and he smiled back. I stood up and walked towards the stairs. Harry then grabbed me and kissed me. "Goodnight" he said, " Goodnight" I said. I walked back up the stairs thinking, why did he just kiss me? Should I tell Gemma??

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