He was just there.

When we moved, I never thought I would meet a boy right away. But he was just there, wanting me and then he left..


10. After the X-Factor..

After Harry and his group called One Direction became famous, me and him kind of drifted apart. I was alone all the time. An I missed him so much. I have started to think he has forgotten about me..

*Harrys point if view*

I am soooo happy I have 4

New best friends and we are all famous together! My life is perfect.. I got a text on my phone from Taylor saying: Hey do you still remember me :(??? I texted her back and said: You will always be in my heart and I will always love you.... I started to feel really horrible inside. Taylor was my everything. We lost our virginities to each other... She is my love. I started to think since I'm famous there are many other girls out there just not one like Taylor. I will just have to forget about her....

*Taylors point if view*

After I got a text back from Harry I bursts into tears... How could we just be done that quickly? Harry is my everything and he just left me like that? Just because he's famous?

I stayed in bed the next week and never heard from Harry again. The next day while watching the news I heard something about Harry and Taylor Swift dating... I started crying again. He looked so handsome on the T.V screen. I kissed him. I also missed Gemma I didn't talk to her anymore either. I decided I wants to try and call Harry. The phone was ringing and I heard a voice on the other end that sound like a girl, "Hello??" She said, "Hey is Harry there." She yelled Harry's name and he spoke, " Hello??" He said in his beautiful British accent I missed. "Harry? It's me Taylor." He started speaking again, "Wow Taylor. Haven't spoken to you in months!" "I see you have a new girl friend." I said. "Taylor listen, I didn't know if we were dating anymore so I just hooked up with her." I started to cry. I could tell he felt bad. "Harry you could have just told me that you want to see other people!! I just miss you!!! And then I see on the T.V that you and Taylor Swift are dating an it broke my heart so just go spend some time with your 'new' girlfriend.." "Taylor wait!!!" I heard him yell. Then u hung up the phone. I got a text right after saying: Taylor I am so sorry please forgive me! We can talk, then meet up sometime and catch up on each other!! I texted him back and said: Forget about it maybe I would've considered it if you would have told me that you were going to see someone else!! I just think you forgot about me!! After I texted him back I threw my phone across the room and felt like my life was over....

Authors note

Hey guys!!! I hopped you enjoyed my book!! I am soo proud of it!!! Please favorite!!! Love all my readers!!! Xxxx

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