Arranged Marrige

Elena Gilbert is just a normal teenage girl who lives with her aunt Jenna , her brother and Aunt Jenna's Boyfriend Alaric Saltzman. What happens when she's forced to marry her boyfriends brother. Will she fall in love? Will she hate her aunt forever? Will she learn to love him? Read and find out.


1. Chapter 1

Dear diary

Every moment I spend with my boyfriend stephan I feel like I fall in love with him even more. We had to finish our history project but we hadn't even started it that is because we were making out for the whole time. Let's just say were gonna fail. There's one person that always interrupts everything and that's the one and only Damon Salvatore (Stephan's brother ) Damon is the kind of guy who doesn't care what he does doesn't care who he bites or who he turns into a vampire ( and yes their both vampires.) My best friend Bonnie is a witch my other bestie Caroline is a vampire she was turned by Damon and her boyfriend named Tyler is a werewolf and me and a friend of mine ( my ex Matt ) were just normal humans living in a strange world.

I put my diary down and look out of the window I see my boyfriend stephan standing patiently staring at me. I run to the front door and unlock it. I run outside and into Stephan's arms.

Stephen - missed me

Elena - hell yeah you have got to stop going on field trips

Stephan - sorry it's just Damon keeps on saying that we do he thinks it's brother bonding times

Elena - Damon like brother bonding time

Damon - Hell no

Elena - where did I come from

Damon - I was out walking then overheard your conversation so I though I'd butt into it

Elena - how nice of you

Damon - whatever anyways I need to go me and Alaric are going to visit an old friend of ours

Stephan - who

Damon - Klaus were going to help him with something

Elena - what's that

Damon - so nosy arnt we

Elena - shut up seriously though what are you helping him with

Damon - none of your business you'll all find out in time , gotta go bye

Elena - Damon wait

Damon ( turns around and looks at her ) what

Elena - don't put Alaric in danger

Damon - relax were not going there for something bad ok were going there to help him with something good now see ya

Elena- bye

Stephan - bye bro

Elena - do you think he'll protect Alaric

Stephan - Elena their best friends of course he will he won't let Klaus or anyone hurt Alaric trust me

Elena - I hope not so what do you wanna do

Stephan - I don't know how about a movie

Elena - sure what about insidious

Stephan - whatever you want

They both sit down on the couch cuddling watching insidious

while Damon and Alaric are going to New Orleans to meet the most dangerous vampire on earth Klaus Mikelson.

Alaric - why do you think he wanted to see us

Damon - I'm not so sure rik

Alaric - I guess were about to find out (looks behind Damon )

Damon - why do you... ( turns around ) oh Klaus nice to see you again

Klaus - you too Damon and Alaric havnt seen u for a long time buddy how u been

Alaric - don't act like u care klaus now what do u want

Klaus - look the reason I called u guys here is because I want to strata clean page with all of you, look I know I havnt been the nicest person alive or dead but I wanna apologise.

Damon - Klaus Mikelson big bad hybrid and original apologises to us ok what's wrong.

Klaus - I love caroline damon and your Caroline's best friends so I'm gonna be nice

Damon looks at him unsure then puts his hand out klaus grabs Damon's hand and shakes it.

Damon - we gotta go now ... Elena texted me Jenna wants to walk to me and Elena for some reason. I'll tell caroline that were ok.

Damon and Alaric walk out and get in damons car and drive back to mystic falls.

( back to elenas POV )

Elena - Aunt Jenna what's going on I was just about to go on my date with stefan.

Jenna - you can't date stefan anymore elena and you'll understand why when damon comes and i talk to you both.

Elena - what do you mean I can't be with stefan ... You can't tell me who i can and can't date

Jenna - yes I can elena and I will your my gonna see stefan anymore

( cliffhanger I'll update chapter 2 soon )

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