The Fifth Harmony Chronicles: Better Together

Camila Cabello has everything going well for her, she is living her dream of having a singing career along with her best friends and band sisters Fifth Harmony.

But love comes for Camila when she meets Austin Mahone at the MTV Video Music Awards. Love problems ensue when she discovers that her longtime friend Harry Styles comes back into her life this time to win her over. Will love break apart Fifth Harmony, or will Camila find a way to solve her problem before it is too late?


2. Camila's Surprise!

Camila- (writing in her journal) Thank God I am feeling so much better now I can sing my heart out! :)

It was so great being with my best friends, but I also started missing singing and being in the recording studio making songs:( so I deviced a plan that I think positively will work.)


Camila- (The rest of the girls are eating breakfast when Camila dressed and with a cheerful smile on her face sits on the table next to Normani and prepared herself toast with butter and jelly) Good Morning!! Everyoooone!!! (She sings in her perfect singing voice)

(All four of the girls stare at her with proud expressions on their faces)

Dinah- OH MY GOSH! Your voice is back, this is sooo great, so amazing!

(All the girls agree as they hug Camila.)

Dinah- (her cell phone rings and she answers it) Hello? Oh hi Mr. Selkirk, yes, What? You got to be kidding me, right? (a moments pause then she starts screaming and jumping up and down excitedly) Thanks Mr. Selkirk! (She runs up to the rest of the girls smiling and skipping happily as ever.

Ally- What happened, and why are you so excited?

(They all gaze at her with curiousness, waiting for her reply.)

Dinah- Oh my gosh! You guys won't believe this we are going to the MTV Video  Music Awards as guests! This means that it's our first step as celebrities and possibly one day winning an award! (she hums proudly.)

Lauren- This means a'lot to us, It's going to be the best yet.

Normani- I wonder if we will get to see Beyonce?

Dinah- I don't know if we will, but what I do know is that we have to go to our recording session and then to two interviews, one for a local radio station here in New York then the other for Teen Vogue, which is the one I am anticipating since it's my favorite magazine! (she sings, smiling at the same time.)

(They all look at Dinah surprised but also relieved.)

Camila- (In her bed writing in her journal) Our day went by quickly but busy, really busy, we were as working bees doing what we love to do each day, even if it is not honey but something better music, the sweet honey to our ears.)

(Enter Simon Fuller)

Simon- Hi girls! It's good seeing you again once more, how have you all been?

(They all welcome Simon with smiles on their faces as he enters the recording studio were they where taking a break from recording their debut album, they only had four songs left to record and it would be ready for their Harmonizers to listen to.)

Dinah- We have been great as always, so happy to be here already working on our first album.

(All the girls sit together on a table with Simon)

Simon- (sounding grave and serious this time) What about you Camila? Do you think you can continue again? Is your throat better now? (he yet looked at Camila gravely.)

Camila- Yes, my throat is better, much much better than before, Simon i can show you if you want? (she was determined to let Simon know that she wasn't sick anymore much less with a serious throat problem.)

Simon- Okay show me, then if you say you're okay now.

(Camila eyes her fellow band-members kind of nervous but as they look at her with sureness in their expressions. She realizes that she could do it.)

Camila- (starts singing Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway")

"Could of been a small town

and when the rain would fall down

I'd just stare at my window

dreaming of what could be

and if I'd end up happy I would pray,

I could breakaway!!

Out of the darkness and into the light

that I won't forget the place I come from

gotta make a wish,

take a chance,

 and breakaway!!"

(Camila stops singing looking at Simon expectantly feeling like if she was back in the X-Factor competition trying to prove Simon she could do it.)

Simon- (he looks at her grave) Well it seems that (then smiles) your voice is back, Congratulations Miss Cabello! (He hugs her.)

Dinah- See Simon I kept on telling you that her voice was going to come back, now you owe me twenty dollars, pay it up it was the bet.

Simon- (trying to act clueless) No I don't remember making a bet with you? Did I? (he smiles mischievously at them)

All four girls- Yes you did Simon!

Simon- (looks defeated) Okay I give up here's the twenty dollars, hope you young ladies enjoy it wisely and no more bets from now on okay, girls?

All four girls- Okay Simon we won't do it anymore! (then they laugh)

(A few hours later)

(The girls are out of the recording studio were they are greeted by a usual crowd of fans always willing to take a picture with them or get an autograph from them.)

Camila- Guess what, girls I'm going to sing to the fans outside.

All of the four girls- What?!

Normani- But our manager won't let you.

Camila- Well I already talked to Mr. Polanski and he thinks that it's a great way to let my fans know that I am okay again.

(once they were outside they noticed that instead of only two security guards there were four now. The crowd of fans singing their latest song "Miss Movin' On" really made Camila and the girls extra happy.)

Security Guard #1- Don't worry girls you can get closer and sign autographs while Camila can sing.

(The four girls got closer to the crowd of excited fans chanting "Fifth Harmony! Fifth Harmony!")

Camila- This is going to be so surprising but I have to do it. (She runs over to the small stage that was set up earlier. She starts singing Britney Spear's "I Will Be There" and the crowd of fans grew quiet. All of the fans paying attention to her. Once the last word was sung everyone started clapping and cheering "Camila!, Camila!, Camila!")

Camila- Thank You Everyone! I love you all! Harmonizers Forever!!

(The crowd of fans fans cheer loudly, Camila and the other girls can feel the excitement growing more exponentially as they were loaded inside a black car on their way to their hotel rooms where they were to get ready for the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony.)

(At their hotel room)

Normani- I still can't believe that we are going to perform, it was only yesterday that I was in my living room sitting with my p.j.'s on starring at the T.V. screen, seeing all the beauty of music.

(All of the girls agree with Normani's comment.)

Lauren- (tries to play with Camila, making flirty expressions on her face.) Who knows maybe you'll get to see Harry Styles again. (She tickles her playfully on Camila's waist making her laugh and say at the same time "okay Lauren, please stop! Or else you'll get it!" (they are chasing each other around like little girls. This in turn makes Ally and Normani join in their silly play for a while.)


Dinah- (enters the living room where she witnesses all of the girls chasing each other, running all over the living room singing out of voice: "Camila and Harry sitting on a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes friendship, then boyfriend and girlfriend and lastly L-O-V-E!" She rings a bell that is on the coffee table looking frustrated) Girls what is wrong in here?! (she appears to them already dressed in her fancy red dress but wearing flip-flops, her voice sounding motherly) We have only three hours left to prepare ourselves and you guys haven't even started yet? Can please someone explain to me why you were all chasing each other and singing silly? (looks at them much frustrated as earlier.)

(The girls stopped, looking at Dinah guiltily)

Lauren- I'm sorry Dinah it was me who started this silly game, I involved all of the girls, now I should be the one punished. (she looks at Dinah sincerely, but worried also)

Dinah- Yeah I should punish you but I can't because I am not your mom but since I'm the oldest member of the group, the only thing I can do is warn you not to do that again or else we'll all get in trouble. (gets closer to Lauren) And believe me, we cannot afford to mess things up. And that goes for all of us also. We have to stick together more than ever now that we are rising stardom girls.

(They group-hug and head to their rooms to get ready.)







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