The Fifth Harmony Chronicles: Better Together

Camila Cabello has everything going well for her, she is living her dream of having a singing career along with her best friends and band sisters Fifth Harmony.

But love comes for Camila when she meets Austin Mahone at the MTV Video Music Awards. Love problems ensue when she discovers that her longtime friend Harry Styles comes back into her life this time to win her over. Will love break apart Fifth Harmony, or will Camila find a way to solve her problem before it is too late?


3. Camila Meets Austin

(After the MTV Video Music Awards Ceremony)

Camila- (writing in her journal that same night) looking at all those people and famous celebrities was so amazing! I felt like if I wasn't in reality anymore that I was in a dream, not in a fake dream but in a real dream were this time everything was real.

We signed autographs, did quick interviews then saw the ceremony, which was totally out of this world, like there are no words in the dictionary that can describe how the show was. The only thing I can say is that I was really proud to be there with my friends and a new friend Austin Mahone. You might be wondering how I met him. Well here's how it went and I seriously can't stop thinking about him.)

(forward to yesterday at the ceremony)

Austin Mahone- (goes up to Camila and pokes her gently on the back.) May I introduce myself? My name is Austin Mahone (he looks at them with a charming smile, he was standing straight and wearing a black suit with a white tie which made him look handsome and gentlemanly. The rest of the girls greeted him friendly especially Camila who could not stop looking at him as he was talking with them about his meeting with Justin Timberlake. After much laughing and joking around, they were about to leave when Austin grabs one of Camila's hands and slips a note into her hand)

"Meet me on Saturday." (He whispered close to her ear that she could clearly smell the sweet fragrance of his cologne.)

Camila- Where?

Austin- Simply read it, bye! (smiles at her kissing her on the left cheek.)

Camila- Bye! (smiles back at him)

(Of course paparazzi's were watching us so the moment they parted ways a throng of them came running towards them spilling questions all over her.)

Paparazzi #1- What is that paper that Austin gave you?

Paparazzi #2- Are you going out with Austin?

Camila- Sorry everyone but I just met him today.

Paparazzi #1- Then what is that paper he gave you?

Camila- Oh this paper? (she looks at the paper in her hand) This is just a note saying that we will see each other someday.

Paparazzi #2- Do you know what day?

Camila- No I don't know, now I am leaving, bye!

Dinah- Camila, Camila! (sounding worried)

Camila- What's up?

Dinah- I found this on the floor in the living room. (She showed Camila the piece of paper, that same paper that Austin gave her yesterday).

Camila- Austin gave it to me when you guys were waiting for me in the car. (she looks at the paper) He says that he really wants to meet me, and so today I am going to meet him at Central Park. (smiling to herself at the thought).

Dinah- You are? (looks more worried) at what time?

Camila- At 5:00 pm exactly, why? Is something wrong?

Dinah- Well Harry Styles just came to see you.

Camila- What? (she looks at the time in her cell phone) Dang it! it's 4:30 and he came? What did you tell him?

Dinah- Well, I just told him that you are in your room and that she'd be happy to see you, he came dressed really nice; which looks like he's up to something with you. What's worse is that today you're going out with Austin Mahone and Harry Styles doesn't know...

(Harry Styles enters the room looking clueless and suspicious)

Harry- What is it that I don't know? (He looks at Camila)

Camila- Oh, nothing Harry, It's just that today I have plans with someone today that I met yesterday at The MTV Music Awards, his name is Austin Mahone.

Harry- You know that bloke? He's an impostor, he's just trying to be like Justin Bieber, I can't believe your going to hang out with him.

Camila- Look Harry, I just met him. If you have a problem with him then tell him, maybe you guys can work it out.

Harry- I tried once but it didn't work out, so I don't bother anymore. So do you want to go out on Monday?

Camila- I'm not going to be able to on Monday because we are still finishing recording our album, and then we have to go to photo shoots so I'll be super busy! 

Harry- (looks sadly at the floor for a while then hides it trying to smile at her). I understand, just call me when you're available, okay?

Camila- Okay. (She goes up to Harry and hugs him).

Harry- (hugs her back a little confused, but shrugs the confusion off) Well Bye! (He leaves).

Camila- Bye!


(Camila arrives at Central Park where she finds Austin sitting on a bench, his feet sitting on top of a skateboard. She felt butterflies in her stomach again as before when he smiles at her. She approaches him smiling back.)

Camila- Hi Austin! (She hugs him feeling all warm inside) How have you been?

(They start walking around the park.)

Austin- I'm awesome as ever!, and you? (smiling his charming smile at her)

Camila- (blushing) I'm great as ever also. I've just been really busy with my band recording our album and going to photo shoots and performing that I seriously haven't had enough time to hang out with someone else who are not my sisters.

Austin- Well I'm your first.

Camila- Aww! That's sweet of you Austin, but you are not my first.

Austin- What do you mean I'm not your first? (He waits patiently for her response). Did you know someone else before me?

Camila- Yes, Austin I did but that was way back in 2012, when me and my sisters were in the X-Factor competition, his name is Harry Styles and I met him there because him and his band did a performance, so we became best friends.

Austin- You know him?! The guy that called me impostor? Who does he think he is?

Camila- I don't understand why you two hate each other.

Austin- I don't hate him, he's the only one that's hating on me, I don't know why. Look can we just forget about all of this and go eat ice-cream? (he looks at her determined to forget this dilemma).

Camila- (shrugs smiling at him, agreeing) Yeah! (she jumps putting up her arms in the air) I am dying for some chocolate with vanilla sundae sprinkled with a bunch of fun on top.

(Austin and Camila had so much fun eating ice-ream and having their own joke competition game that they soon forgot their problems, and out of all that Camila realized she started having feelings for Austin, special unknown feelings and even more when he started holding her hand).

Austin- I feel something for you, something so beautiful and real that I just can't hide. Camila you aren't like the other girls I've met before, you are yourself; funny and sill in a unique way. You don't care what other people think of you and that is what I love about you.

(Austin was so close to Camila, making her speechless with happiness hearing him say all this about her, she suddenly felt butterflies inside of her and blushing so much she could feel her ears burning,  Seeing him made her feel this way even more; this feeling was so new to her, yet so deeply wonderful that she didn't want it to end.)

(Austin was about to kiss her and she didn't know how to respond back, she was so nervous that she ran away from him. She could hear Austin yelling: "Camila Where are you going?! I'm sorry come back!")



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