The Fifth Harmony Chronicles: Better Together

Camila Cabello has everything going well for her, she is living her dream of having a singing career along with her best friends and band sisters Fifth Harmony.

But love comes for Camila when she meets Austin Mahone at the MTV Video Music Awards. Love problems ensue when she discovers that her longtime friend Harry Styles comes back into her life this time to win her over. Will love break apart Fifth Harmony, or will Camila find a way to solve her problem before it is too late?


4. A Surprise

 (Camila returns back to the hotel where she finds Dinah, Ally, Lauren, and Normani watching "13 Going on 30").

Ally- Hi Cami! Come join us, we're watching your favorite movie. (They all smiled at her as they were greeting her).

Camila- (walks past them not interested in the movie but looking at floor kind of sad as she walks to her room).

Dinah- Something is going on and I have to find out. (All the rest of the girls agree as Dinah gets up from her seat and goes to Camila's room).

Dinah- Cami, may I come in? (She asks Camila through her door).

Dinah is considered the mini-mom of the group, so it's no wonder that anyone in the band can confide in her their problems because she is a good therapist, "one sent from heaven." As Camila always says.

Camila- Come in.

Dinah- (Enters the room seeing Camila sitting on her bed hugging the big pink teddy bear Harry gave her. She looks at Camila with sisterly concern on her face). Is something wrong? Because as far as I can tell, you were not yourself when you entered the living room.

Camila- Is it a sin to have feelings for two guys?

Dinah- (sits next to her on her bed). You mean romantically or just friendly feelings?

Camila- romantically. (She could feel herself blushing red just saying that word).

Dinah- Yeah but you just met Austin, how could you have feelings for him already?

Camila- I don't know but I am like that. I fall in love really easily with a cute guy who I only met two hours ago, and more if that person is attractive.

Dinah- Love is complicated. What I would do sister is play compare, see who you love the most, if it is Harry or Austin. You have to choose between one of them, you can't stay with both of them because it's not right girlfriend.

Camila- True, I will have to choose but it won't be easy, it'll take a long time to decide good.

Dinah- Well take your time (she hugs and kisses her on the cheeks) while I go see what me and the girls can cook for dinner.

(The five girls are eating dinner peacefully as if nothing bad had happened).

Camila- I'm really sorry everyone about coming home and ignoring you and acting weird today but I had a doubt that was bothering my mind, so I had to go to my room and think it over good.

Lauren- We know Cami, Dinah told us about your problem, and whoever you choose we'll accept it.

Camila- Dinah? You told them, I really wanted to tell them!

Normani- Well we were really worried about you also, obviously so we begged Dinah to tell us.

Camila- It's okay, I really wanted you guys to know either way since we are not just a group but we are also sisters for life.


(Camila felt different going to the recording building by herself without her sisters but she had to since she is the only person in the group who got a call from her manager about choosing her to do a special collaboration song with an up-and-coming music artist. All this time she has been thinking of who could it be?)


(Once Camila entered the building she was greeted by a kind and friendly receptionist with glasses and red hair, she saw the manager heading her way.)


Manager- Hello Camila! How have you been?

Camila- I have been great! Thanks! (she smiles at him as they are shaking hands)

Manager- I have heard such great things about you and your band already gaining recognition all over the world that you kind of remind me of someone. I think you and that secret surprise artist should be perfect for a collab. song he just wrote.

Camila- Okay, that's great!


(He leads her to two flights of stairs then to the left of the building were they enter a series of recording studio rooms. They go inside recording room 1A)


Camila- So it's a he. (She thought).


(It took five minutes more for that special someone to come. Meanwhile Camila shook out all of nervousness away by imagining what her sisters might be doing right now, probably having vocal practices with Miss Lafayette).


She sat down in a chair trying to get comfortable when her manager entered, followed by Austin. Camila felt the familiar strong feeling of butterflies in her stomach and the usual blushing, upon looking at Camila he smiled at her hugely showing his once again beautiful smile).


Austin- (hugs her) How have you been?

Camila- (hugs him back) I've been great, Thanks! Listen I'm so sorry to have run away from you like that on Saturday, but I was clueless  and unprepared, and...

Austin- (calms her before she could say anything else) It's all cool.

Manager- (comes back with papers in his hand) So it looks like you two  have already met each other before have you?

Austin- Yes we did, sir (both Camila and Austin laugh)

Manager- (joins in their laughter, being friendly) Where?

Austin- At the MTV Video Music Awards!

Manager- Okay so Camila, Austin here has written a song, which are written here on these pieces of paper that I have. Now Austin was the one who recommended you to me to do the song with him, he wants to have a collaboration song for his debut album, he choose you not me, I'm the one who only agreed with him.

Camila- So what's the name of the song?

Austin- (hands her a paper with the lyrics to the song) It's called "Summer Love."


(They started singing):


You're my summer love

The one that I dream of every night

You're the sun that shines on me

Whenever I feel far away from you

I only have to close my eyes

And dream about the days

When we walked on the beach hand in hand,

Play in the sand like little kids

Just laying there feeling you close to me.


You're my summer love

That special someone of my dreams

That angel who brings me warmth to me

I don't want the dream to end

For every sunset I see,

Every song I hear,

Reminds me of

When we walked on the beach hand in hand,

Play in the sand like little kids

Just laying there feeling you close to me.


Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

This summer love will be forever in our hearts

We will never forget this summer love,

Oh this summer love,

Oh our summer love,

Yeah our summer love.


Camila- This is such a sweet and beautiful song, Austin I'm surprised you wrote it! (she smiled hugely at him, blushing).

Austin- I wrote it because it reminded me of you. (he tells her this as they make their way outside the building after a long hour of recording the song).

Camila- AWW! That's so sweet Austin, Thanks! (Camila just kisses filled with a strong love emotion for him)

Harry- (Stops as he watches Austin and Camila kissing then he goes up to Camila and separates them, with a look of disgust in his face). So you are dating him Camila? Answer me! (he walks back and forth not believing what he had just seen with his own eyes.)

Austin- Hey Watch it! She can date whoever she wants.

Camila- (tears forming in her eyes as she tries to explain) I am so sorry Harry, but I meant to tell you today by phone. I didn't know you would come here, honestly.

Harry- Well that is real good isn't it? You were going to tell me on the phone! You know I came to see you today because I was hoping things between us would start but now I can see clearly that you prefer that bloke instead of me. (He directs his gaze to Austin) You better take care of her, or else you'll see what's coming to you. (He looks at Austin with anger in his face like he wanted to punch him in the face).

Camila- I'm so sorry Austin, I didn't know this would happen but I got so caught up in my emotions that I let myself go and I wanted to kiss you really bad because what you did was just so beautiful that I couldn't contain myself.

Austin- It's okay Camila, It was not your fault. (He sounded kind of upset) Listen I have to leave now, ll call you later, bye.

Camila- Bye! (she tried to sound like nothing bothered her but something in his voice told her something was not right).


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