the Creed: Reawaken

I never had heard about the creed but there was one thing that i have noticed was this strange marking that I had been born with and now that had peaked my interest I hope i learn more about my past if i can get uncle Arcum to help me out but i doubt it... I guess i am on my own.


8. chapter 8

I ran outside where the cool breeze made me shiver a bit at the unknown. I can see Shank stand in the lonely streetlight as several cars made his jacket flip around in a mysterious way as I slowly walked up to him.

“I thought for a second there you wouldn’t show.” He chimed as I came forth.

“I want to know who I am. It just took some convincing.” I chimed and got a smidge closer to him.

“Come.” He said and I fallowed. “You are known as a hidden or broken decedent.”

“Than that means I was taken away from what I need to become…” I trailed as he must had known what I was thinking but it was not what I was thinking to end the sentence with what I am thinking Uncle Arcum didn’t want me to know.

“An assassin.”  

I was in awe that this was what the secrete of my family was that I am supposed to kill. I start to step back and I could feel those eyes fallow me with tension in them as if I was a little piece of prey to him. “I am supposed to kill?” I asked and he was smiling widely as if he was a spider that was about to spin me into his web.

“It is our religion Azyla.” He said and I wanted to understand what he was saying about whom I am supposed to be but I am looking at it as something that I am cautiously taking one step at a time and hopefully I am going to do this and not with regret.

“Religion?”  I questioned and he slipped around behind me and we started to walk along the path. I can see the night turn even gloomier as if it was trying to tell me that the darkness is coming around us in a warning that something that might come that will make my life change forever.

“Yes, we can’t grantee that we are going to stay on this world forever. So, we make sure of it by having someone else take our places.” He said and it didn’t make sense to me since there was no rhyme or risen to do this.

“But we can just let our days go day by day others will fall for us we don’t need to become bloodthirsty.” I tried to explain to him but he looked at me with saddened eyes while I kept walking without noticing that I had stepped into the street with a car coming to quick to stop. I can see the light as well as hear the horn and I was caught with only seconds to react to the sudden change of events.

I felt something grab me by my arm and pull me aside. I looked up from that grip of death to see my savor, Shank. “Because you never know when your time will come.” He chimed and I nodded as I tried my hardest to comprehend what just happened.

“Ok, so we are just replacing us with whomever we kill.” I huffed as I was trying to keep the conversation going. I looked into his eyes and they were full of compassion for one explanation that I cannot understand yet as he helped me up from the ground.

“Exactly.” Was all he said and for the moment while we both was silent but there was something that was eating me while I noticed that he was holding a phone in the palm of his hand.

“So are we going to kill?” I asked with glee thinking that Uncle Arcum couldn’t say no to the fact that I am a witness.

He smiled while he was looking at an old home. The place looked modern without a grand place to climb. The trees were far in between but I thought that I could make it over from branch to branch easily. “Yes as soon as I hack into the system which would only take a few seconds since everything is wireless.” He explained and I was happy that I was going to see something that was a part of what I think is my religion.

“Then how much longer?” I asked and he showed me the phone with a button in the middle that asked if we wanted to shut down the system and I didn’t hesitate to press the shutdown option. I hear the words shutdown complete from the phone and I felt like giggling without a care. I was happy that I was fallowing Shank into the place and I could see that it was like a family abode inside and I walked straight up to a picture and wished that I could take a closer look at the photo but I noticed that the house was quiet but it was showing a family lived here to where I was confused.

“Why does this person needed to die?” I whispered and when I looked at Shank it was clear that this person was asking for death and that this was a fake house family. The saddens was like a water balloon thinking that this person had lead himself to this end though for some reason I felt like I was the one that should do the killing.

“I think you had found out now hush.” He hissed in a hushed tone that sent a chill down my spine that I was not expecting to happen.

“perfect.” I chimed and then he slipped into the room and started to hand me a knife which I refused.

Shank smiled as if he had figured that he would do just that and shimmered the godly blade into the light and I was full of wonder as he hovered it over the man’s neck and I placed my hand strategically while Shank slid the blade across the neck to show the red liquid line like a magical rainbow without the other colors. I felt like I was truly feel like I was watching like fade and I wanted to shout at the top of my lungs that I had just watched life fade and I liked it while my heart pounded quickly in bliss.

Every breath that that man brought was in a gargle and that he was underwater even though he wasn’t even close to even the bathroom. The eyes were lost thinking that I was watching someone go through the life that they lead and then there was noting the line of life within the eyes of the now deiced. 

“I am now a Creed.” I was in glee that I had seen what I had just seen what I wanted from the beginning what my mark means.

“Not yet whiteness.” Shank said as he opened the window and I followed him back home and I was excited to tell others of what my family is.

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