the Creed: Reawaken

I never had heard about the creed but there was one thing that i have noticed was this strange marking that I had been born with and now that had peaked my interest I hope i learn more about my past if i can get uncle Arcum to help me out but i doubt it... I guess i am on my own.


5. chapter 5

I walk into the quiet library and tore down my ties for my sleeves. I knew that this was a public place and I could show my marking but I could tell that there was something that was telling me not to show it till I absolutely have to.

The old walls was stacked of everything that was within my childhood that I loved, adventure and being something that I was not for just a moment. I gently touched the first one that I saw thinking of why I abandoned this place of wonders while I grew older. Every story was different but I forced myself to why I was truly here and moved on past the child section and onto where I needed to be.

I can feel that every set of eyes were on me even though they were not as I passed to the service desk and asking if they had anything on The Creed Marking. The helper’s face got as white as my teacher’s did and I knew that I better take that as a no before the cops are called on me so I went to my plan B, Internet.

I turned the T-Rex of a computer run and wonder if the government had cut funding again for this old place. I hear every single screech and hum off of the hard drive and I hoped that it would not crash on me this time. I waited for the screen to pop up with the normal timer on the corner so I could disable it in an instant.

“Now let’s see what the internet has to offer.” I said to myself as I typed in my question of the day: What is the Creed Family tree history? I pressed the Search button on the screen to submit my request. I saw that it was trying to come up with answers wile I couldn’t help but notice that someone was watching me from the nearest shelving.

A man with red hair that I had never seen before was trying to look like he was reading a book that was In his hand but I knew he was stalking me, and for good resin since I had noticed when he put the book back that he had something like an off birthmark of mine since it was on the palm of his hand. I spun around with my heart racing inside my chest thinking that I had might had just given myself away to a kidnaper.

I glued my eyes to the screen thinking that he will leave soon and I would be alone with my work. I scrolled everywhere where the answers might lurk but came up empty. Every site was something that was off and not what I need. I huffed in frustration and placed my hand onto my shoulder. I knew that I was a dead giveaway now of what I was trying to do but it was the only thing that I know I could get what I need by doing that simple gesture.

“Still working on that family project?” I hear Gamra behind me while I jumped out of my seat to face her.

“Yah, why should you know what I am doing?” I hissed while I kept my eyes not on her but the man that was still behind her.  

“Because I am having trouble with mine though I was expecting it.” She sighed and I eased up while she fallowed my gaze behind her. “Is there something wrong with my friend that I should be aware of?” I was shocked that Gamra knew this person though he was at least twice her age.

“You know him?” I asked in shock while I watched him slide into the allies of shelves.

“I do. He is my mentor of what we are a part of.” She said and I was in shock that she said we instead of I.

“What do you mean We? All I know is that you are not a part of this misfortune.” I said as I raised my sleeve to show her and Gamra’s grin got wider as if she just spotted her treasure.  I can see the glow come off of her face as she quickly tried to compose herself and moved back her blond and curly hair out of her earthy brown eyes.

“I know that I am not part of your misfortune, but I couldn’t let you suffer on wondering whom you are truly a part of.” She had officially caught my attention when the old clock chimed among the silence of the library marking the hour.  The chime was like it was striking down to my doom while I can see the evil coming out of my friend.

“You know what the Creed name is?” I questioned and she nodded.

“Anything you want it to mean.” She chimed and lost the dark smirk that she was having while I felt relief rush though me and thinking that I should had called her bluff before.

“Thanks, oh wise one of my friendship.” I teased and bowing. Gamra couldn’t help but start to bust out laughing which I could hear every person telling us to hush.  I looked around thinking that she was right and that I was taking something that was a mole hill into a mouton as my phone went off in my pocket.

I glanced at it and saw a snowflake picture that resembled my mom and huffed. My mind raced of all the things that she could want from me while I let it ring for a bit while I hustled out of the library.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Azyla, Uncle Arcum and Aunt Grieve are going to be over here any minute so please get home soon as you can, I don’t want another mishap like last time.” The last time I arrived after uncle Arcum did was a few years ago when I was home late from Gamra’s house. He almost had the cops arrest my friend in suspicion of a kidnaping or training me to kill others.

I’ll be home.” I assured her and thought that he must had been speeding again since uncle Arcum had never been truly right in the head. I started to walk home and I was starting to look around me with caution.  The strange feeling of someone watching me did not set well as I thought I saw a figure but when I turned around there was no one or so I thought when I looked closer to a line of telephone wires to see that there was the same man as eerier that was spying on me.

I can see the riding jacket and skin tight pants were right behind me. He jumped gracefully from his perch and landed quietly to the ground. The fact that he could do all that was a wonder to me even though he is at least five years older than me. “You were wondering about your marking?” he chimed as he crept closer to me. I can see the natural redness of his hair and already the shiny brown eyes that would strike any girl as dashing if they didn’t see his marking that matched mine.

I was not scared of him since I knew he might be the only one that has something of a clue. I stood my ground and thinking of escape routes if it does get to that leva\el of urgency. I can hear the small thump of his boots on the concrete as one strep seemed to match two of my own heart’s beat while the sweet gathered on my palms and forehead.

“I am.”  I made myself breathe out.

“Then you are the one we have all heard about Anti-Creed.” He chimed witch caught my attention.

“Anti-Creed?” I questioned and he showed his palm that had his marking.

“The Anit-Creed is the person that cut his marking to defy the family name.” He said and I was unsure what mine looked like to him since my uncle clearly had that symbol.

“Is mine like that Mr?” I questioned and he laughed a deep rumble that I was thinking that he must have been hiding something.

“I had lost my manners, miss. I am Shank, the leader of this group that you should be a part of because your marking is pure and not tarnished by the past.” Shank chimed while I was feeling good that I  am not alone with the marking that makes everyone dodge you or being forced  into hiding who you are for what your caretaker calls being found.

“Azyla, Creed,” I chimed haply and shook his hand that had his symbol on it.

“Well  Azyla, we are needing to get into your true job as an assassin.” He stated like he was planning on me being a nice trainee or kill.

“An assassin? Is that what our family is?” I questioned while he turned to leave me with my question but there was one thing that Shank called out over his shoulders while waving goodbye to me.

“Ask your own.”

There I was alone again with my thoughts as the conversation started to sink in. Suddenly my phone rang and this time was my Aunt Grieve.

“I am on my way home Aunt Greave, I just had that one last item on my to do list before I came home.” I sighed into the mouthpiece of my cell before leaving the spot where I found The Creed.

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