the Creed: Reawaken

I never had heard about the creed but there was one thing that i have noticed was this strange marking that I had been born with and now that had peaked my interest I hope i learn more about my past if i can get uncle Arcum to help me out but i doubt it... I guess i am on my own.


24. chapter 24

I am sitting in the tree again that was next to the oldest church in this city and the fishing side of town. My feet dangled from the branch waiting for Arcum to find me. I tried to amuse myself by climbing a little higher to look around and to see if he is even coming and I finally spotted him coming. A rush of happiness came over me and I quickly went down to where I was a moment ago.

Uncle Arcum looked up and smiled while he called up, “I knew you were going to be here Azyla.” I laughed a little knowing that he was teasing me while he climbed up the large oak.

“I sent you a text so you should have known that I was here.” I laughed as he finally settled onto the branch that was next to me.

“I know.” He smiled but then we were silent for a moment but then he continued. “I remember this spot.” He chimed and I thought it was because it was a spot that was outside of the humongous capital that came from the city that Arcum grew up within. I must have given him a puzzled look since he continued. “This is where I was dropped off. The church is gone now but I still remember it perfectly.” He said and we stared off to where a spot where the church used to be.

“Then we did walk down the same path.” I chimed thinking that this is my favorite hiding spot other than the tree in my own backyard.

“Not exactly.” He sighed and I looked at him with questions in my head just ready to come out and I let it fall out of my mouth and onto the ground bellow me.

“Then what about the cutting of my mark? The fact that I released the creed again? I walked in your footsteps dad.” I said and then I retracted thinking that I should have not added that last bit.

“Our paths had crossed but that doesn’t mean that I am your father.” He chimed and I finally exhaled knowing he had dodged the fact that I know the one thing that I rather not share with Arcum. However he smiled at me leading me know that I had not escaped him like I misunderstood.

“Oh” I sighed, “but what about walking the same path as you?” I quickly changed the subject before I jumped to the ground below. I landed and rolled across the solid ground feeling every vibration run through my body.

“You didn’t run the same path. I knew what the creed was on my path and that was to extinguish the creed. Plus I didn’t start a revolution to some degree.” He chimed and he then jumped off of the branch he was on and landed perfectly like a cat instead of me that had to roll in order to stop.

“Well, I guess I didn’t go the same route.”  I chimed and he moved on to the city and on our way home.

“That is a good thing then since it had fallowed us and then we managed to flee from its grasp unfortunately it didn’t happen in the beginning.”  Arcum yelled and I agreed with him.

The first creed must have never thought of running away and here we are. We all had gotten away like my entire family had and know that we had left from death’s everlasting grasp saying we must kill every day like we once did.  Every moment of their life must become something of a sham that we know of today.  However, I know that was their past, The First creed, the start of a bloodline of leaders that ran The Creed, the religion of death. The path that I will never fallow again because I know what that path is and I want to stay away from that idea and make sure that the next generations dose the same. 

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