the Creed: Reawaken

I never had heard about the creed but there was one thing that i have noticed was this strange marking that I had been born with and now that had peaked my interest I hope i learn more about my past if i can get uncle Arcum to help me out but i doubt it... I guess i am on my own.


22. chapter 22

I looked up at my uncle and got the blood off of my shirt and face as best as I could. “How did I do?” I asked and he smiled thinking that he had finally seen that I am like him in a way.

“Like a true Creed.” He said and I heard the footsteps come down the steps. Every moment that we were down here was putting me in an uneasy place as I retreated into a post and I looked up just at that moment where a little bit of dirt from the ceiling fell right on top of me.

“Um, uncle I think we need to leave.” I chimed and I could see that Arcum didn’t need any more hints as he was already up the hall and almost where the steps were getting closer and closer. He readied his knife that I gave to him while I reset my pen gun so I could use the weapon to kill.

I heard the blast of what sounded like was a section of the building that was crumbling around us. I started going faster up the steps while my uncle did the same. I looked around and I can see Gamra at the top of the steps holding something in her hands. The dark box that was in her hands looked like a box that you would use to shoot off a rocket.

“I am ready to kill all three if you come closer Anti!” Gamra called out and I was shocked that she was watching me all this time. “I trusted you and lead you to where you were at the top of your game and worked out all the tools that would have given you world leader.”

“I never wanted to awaken The Creed I originally wanted to become it, to learn my roots. Not war.” I yelled and Arcum gave me a glance that sent chills down my spine.

“I could have done that…” He mumbled just loud enough to where I heard him and I got furious about it.

“Then why did you push me away?” I yelled and then realized how dumb that question truly was looking back at my experiences from the beginning.

“I was scared that we would be back within the bloodline. You were not supposed to get the leader marking since I had stopped the bloodline when I did the ultimate betrayal.”  My uncle stated and I was not sure what he means by that statement.

“What do you mean that I was not supposed to even have the marking? The only way that I could have the bloodline if…” I said and then I finally put all the pieces together and glanced over to him but he shook his head.

“Don’t be mad Azyla!” He lashed out but then Gamra coughed snapping us back to reality.

“I am sorry to interrupt this very interacting topic of family organ but this is about one thing alone. Both of you are Antis and that means that you both are witnesses.” Gamra chimed and pressed the button on the box that she was holding and a blast shook the ground around us. I felt the vibrations ride through my body and my balance failed me and I almost fell down the steps if it wasn’t for my uncle catching me. I looked up just in time to see Gamra come right at me with a sword from above me as she was trying to hurt Arcum or me. However, I was not the one to save our skins with these professional assassin fighters.

I can hear the sharp mettle on mettle thinking that this is not a good spot to be in since I know that being in the middle of two assassins fighting.  The stinging sound pierced my eardrums while I could see the blood that was on the old pieces of weapons come across my face with every swoop of their dance.  I start to look for a way out but was unfortunate as Arcum and Gamra got out of their second standoff leaving me to be the little fly dodging two flyswatters that were trying to snuff out my life.

I couldn’t get a break since the weapons once again and I was pinned with the weapons just behind me since I spun around just before the standstill. I started to breathe harder and my heart raced thinking that I have to break this fight but my Uncle is an expert creed so I am not too worried but it is the even match that could go either way and I was not ready to lose him.

I loaded my pen dagger with one of the bullets that I still had in my pocket from when I first got the mini gun and awaited my moment. Every cling of the mettle was starting to feel like chimes of a clock counting the hour of death as the battle came to an abrupt end as Gamra sliced Uncle Arcum in the chest. He went down the steps crashing into every wall and every step. Soon as it happened it lit a fire into me that I couldn’t explain.

“Uncle!” I called as I watched but then I quickly turned to Gamra as some rubble crumbled around me but I didn’t relies that the place was still crumbling but I wasn’t noticing it because I was so focused on the battle and surviving it.

“Awe, you care for the Anti. Although, I shouldn’t expect anything different since you became the same.” She chimed and I quickly finished loading the gun and fired.  I didn’t even aim but I hit the sword instead of Gamra herself. The sword bounced down the steps and landed a few steps from where I stood, which I grabbed before I looked up to notice that the entrance was now coming down and the ceiling had collapsed on top of Gamra and right where I was standing.

I slowly crept up to investigate the pile. I walked with caution but ready to quickly move to a kill. The rocks were piled high on the steps to where it blocked the walkway and I knew that Gamra is going to be tied up for a moment so I turned my attention to Uncle Arcum whom was at the bottom of the steps.

“Are you Ok?” I asked as I rushed down the steps but I missed one of them and I baseball slid down the rest before getting up quickly and rushing to where my uncle was.

“Yes just I am not as young as I used to be.” He said while he was holding his arm and slowly getting up from the ground. I didn’t think of anything else but hugging him but he reared back a little since he was not expecting it but quickly warmed up to it.

“That is fine uncle.” I chimed as I looked up at him with happy eyes.  I never thought that we would come to an agreement but since this experience is finally over and the walls started to crumble more and more to where everything could pile on top of us like it did to Gamra but that pile is the only way out so we went up and carefully but quickly removed the rubble. I can hear the dust and the wreckage come around us while the cracks sounded like bombs.

I started to unbury a hand but to my surprise it was moving as if it was trying to say hello to me. Sudenly Gamra jumped out of the rubble but this time I was ready and stabbed her right in the chest. “I am a creed Gamra… I missed which means you are a witness.” I chimed while showing her my marking till her eyes went lifeless like before. Then I slid her body off of the sword and stabbed her one last time to make sure she was not going to make it but this time I didn’t care if it was honorable or not other than one thing.

“Azyla, let’s get out of here before the creed finds us and we will have no final chance on ending this war!” Arcum yelled and I started to fallow him but I noticed there was a pool of blood where Gamra lies. I huffed and went down to it and placed my hand in the cool and sticky blood thinking that I still had yet to leave the marking. “Azyla, what are you doing?”

“Give me a minute!” I called and I felt the cold on cold as I brushed the blood onto the wall and then back whenever I needed to till a solid upside-down V and the curved section to make it a complete A and then I placed a fist into the blood to make the skull as I plastered it onto the wall and finished it thinking that I am done with the Creed once and for all.

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