the Creed: Reawaken

I never had heard about the creed but there was one thing that i have noticed was this strange marking that I had been born with and now that had peaked my interest I hope i learn more about my past if i can get uncle Arcum to help me out but i doubt it... I guess i am on my own.


2. chapter 2

End of the school day, a time when minds wonder since all had been drained of everything that we were meant to be thought before lunch and now, the just after lunch teachings.  And all I was doing was replicating my birthmark onto the page while my teacher blabbed about the project while I was supposed to be taking notes.

I can hear every word and am reminded of what my uncle Arcum, had been drilling in my head since the day that I was born. “Do NOT REVEAL YOUR MARKING.” I couldn’t help it I raised my hand and behold, I was called upon.

“Azyla? Do you have a question?” My teacher sounded cheerful and that she was on to me. Her eyes were brown and as deep as a cave would be if they were like that. I was guessing she was ready to say that I was excused from the project since this would not be the first time my family of whatever’s had interrupted my schooling.

“What if there was one thing that ties your family together and you are not allowed to know about it.” I explained and her cherry face got as white as the walls around us. I wasn’t sure if I crossed the line with the school system but I should be safe with these new laws that had been in place.

“What, are you talking about Azyla? She slowly slipped every word from her mouth, looking like I just cursed her to an unbeatable doom. Though it wouldn’t surprise me if I just did.

“I am talking about this.” I said as I jumped out of my chair and Gamra was smiling from ear to ear for some resin. I hear the gasp from the crowd as my teacher stumbled before she almost fell over her own desk. I was stunned at the reaction as every face was that of aww of possibly seeing a fable come to life.  “What?” I questioned and slowly the burning eyes faded one set at a time but I knew that all were still watching or listening on what might happen next for me.

“Azyla can I talk for you for a minute?” My teacher asked and I looked at my feet and finally covered my marking while I slowly walked out because I went too far this time.

“Is that a tattoo?” The question threw off guard thinking that she would start a conversation like that with a student.

“No, it is a birthmark.” I was trying to stand my ground with this horrific version of a teacher. I looked her dead in the eyes knowing that she had to break and let me back into a normal end of the school day routine.

“Then you must go to the principal’s office now. “  She chimed and I was unsure if I heard her correctly.

“Why? What have I done wrong?” I asked and she looked furious now as I am guessing that she had gotten her grip on reality for the moment. I can feel the tension grow between us thinking that there had to be a point where she had to give in. Every moment was wasted, not only of my life but from her time with the students. I started to glance passed her in hopes that the head of the school would cross paths with us soon.

“You had shown whom you are assassin.” The teacher hissed and I was stunned that she had called me that name. The word of assassin had never been associated with my name until she made that statement.

“You have no right to say that to me.” I hissed as now I am treading on thin water with her and I was ready to do the unthinkable, fight with my own teacher. I clenched my fists and she was onto me like a hawk.

“I do since you are possibly thinking about killing me Creed.”  She called me and I stepped back to keep our distance from each other a bit more if the other attacks.

I was wondering what she meant by calling me Creed. I know it is my last name but the way she put it in the sentence made it sound like she was mocking me. I knew that both of us cannot fight each other since that would only get the both of us in trouble and my mom would never let me into a school or outside again because of something that I don’t understand yet.

“I am not what my name states, whatever that is.” I said and I had enough as I tried to punch the wall that was next to me but all I got was air. I wanted to scare her into stepping down her bullying but as usual, I was a small dog trying to be a big viscous one.

“I think you do.” She hissed and I knew that I had messed up with my stance and that opened up to where the next thing that I knew that I was pinned and to the floor. My eyes widened as I fell to the ground.  I was not expecting her to have any training of protection since most teachers ignore the fact that there might be a threat, which I am not.

“Let me go!” I cried as I tried to get more attention to us. I hear some doors open to curious eyes but none came to my aid. I felt her push saying for me to move along the halls without my own consent.

“Walk Creed. You had crossed the line when you showed your marking.” She was clearly judging me now on just that one moment before I had to be sent to the principal’s office, again for my marking.

The walk was long though the hallway while I squirmed. I tried to get free as the curious people kept looking out like rabbits. I possibly looking like a ravage student though my uncle had always tried to train me but he failed to make me normal. Every head that looked at me made me wish that I was completely invisible to this world and that I didn’t exist.

Soon we got to the dreaded doorway that everyone in the school knows is one way for most now and days. I plopped down on the bench thinking this could not get any worse but it did as I see my own mom came into the office and our eyes locked for just a moment before she, and my teacher, entered the room.

I felt sick to my stomach as I hoped that my uncle Arcum would not find out at all about this. I slumped lower and lower in my seat as I didn’t want to hear the words that were behind that door. However, I could hear the words as I was trapped for just the moment I knew that it will cost me everything since a lot of work even was put into me going to school. I put my head into my hands as my hair fell into my hands and onto my legs.

The sad part was that all this could be gone right now as I sit, doing nothing, not even stating my case that my intention was more out of example instead of retaliation like I am betting my teacher painting me as right this minute.

I looked in for a moment though the glass door. I can tell my mother’s snow white hair from my teacher’s bright natural red. They looked to be almost in a cat fight and then I see a big shadow come to the door and I quickly fell back onto the hard bench. 

The door slowly opened to a heavy set woman that had slender eyes. She was built to be overpowering but every student (except the ones that was sent to her office) knew that she was extremely kind and helpful like a normal principal. I looked at my feet and tried to make myself cry to create sympathy for me.

“Azyla? Can you come with me?” A question that sounded like a judge telling me that I am going to sentence me to death than a head school attendee telling me to step into the room. I hung my head in deeper shame than that I was earlier and I only glanced up to see that my uncle was not there with my mother, good.

“Is it because of my marking?” I sighed as I entered the room.

“We do have to respect every religion. Although your type can make everyone cause hardship for a lot of others.” She explained and I had it.

“But it is a birthmark! It does not mean anything. The Creed family s harmless!” I yelled and my mom looked like I had just shot her.

“We are always a part of the darkness and we shall never be exposed.”  My mother mouthed and it got me thinking that there had to be something that she was not telling me at all, something that I am thinking that I am going to have to find myself.

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