the Creed: Reawaken

I never had heard about the creed but there was one thing that i have noticed was this strange marking that I had been born with and now that had peaked my interest I hope i learn more about my past if i can get uncle Arcum to help me out but i doubt it... I guess i am on my own.


17. chapter 17

We crossed several rooftops by now on our way to the main target, the president.  He was visiting the aria on this crisis, as they were calling it on the TVs that were broadcasting in the streets as build boards had now basically became them.

We crossed the telephone wires like cats on rope. We went quickly and steely, three very skilled creed members should become a very good negation peace for the president to agree for us but the fact that we might have that but it can backfire like anything else we do now.  I can see our destination in front of us. The grand building was very out there and stands out which I thought was very odd because of the circumstances.

The grand hotel was out in the middle of the city practically to where it would be something that the now members of The Creed could had gone in and made what they needed to do easily and quickly to where they would be ghosts.

I can see the president in his chair and I thought that there has to be more to this story than what meets the eye. “He is too exposed.” I whispered as we got to a rooftop that was next door to the building.

“Well we can use that to our advantage.” My mom chimed and I was surprised that she was saying something like that. I kept my position in check since I didn’t want to question anything that I have to for right now because of the mission.

“How?” I asked and I saw a grim smile start to shine through.

“Be exactly like the Creed, and we need to get him on our side.” Grieve said and it was not what I was thinking that I would hear but I let it roll off of my shoulders since my mom was already in place and started to cut the glass that would let us enter the building. 

“But how can we be both when we are clearly with them? Should we be kind to them?” I asked and I got the worst part of my aunt that I haven’t seen before.  

“We are originally part of the Creed and he should know about us to where we can make him come to our cause.” Greave sneered in till I cut her off.

“Which is the same thing cause as ours! Why are you two being so evil?” I cried and I was met with silence for just a second.

“It is called hardening Azyla. It is when we all get rid of whoever we are and become the assassin that we need to be, it is one of the key traits that we are born with.” Greave chimed and I wasn’t convinced. The part that I have this is a good piece of information but in my mind, it is not an excuse.

“Then I can do it myself then we better not loose time.” I said as I can see that my mother had already gotten ahead of us and I slipped through the small opening that we had made in the window that was on the roof.

 Once inside I found that we were immediately spotted through a bust that was looking like it was eyeing us. I immediately got my pen gun out and aimed. I was about to fire the thing to bits until I remembered that my weapon is not that silent as we need it. I quietly walked up around my suspicion and placed a hand by it to pick it up a little and I quietly smashed it within my hands and floor till there was nothing left. 

I glanced at my work thinking that I had messed up as well as exposing my family to the guards that are around. I scurried around the hallways and spotted more guards and I wished that I could find Greave or my mother.

The men and one woman were in blue policeman uniform waiting for something to happen and there was going to be, as much as I hate to kill. I crept silently thinking that I have to be courteous sine they have training and guns. Every step I can hear my heart race in my ears thinking that this is not helping me be calm. The beats was the fast pace of time chiming the balance that I am tipping in my family’s favor as I got closer to the unsuspecting prey.

Soon I saw my opportunity as all of them had their backs to me. I quietly snuck behind one and put my pen gun to one of the policeman’s neck. “It might feel like a pen but I can assure you that the marking is near.” I chimed and I could see the color start to drain in at least one other person that was with the squad other than the person that I have my hand of death pressing against his soul.

“We should shoot her one bullet, I have the shot.” One chimed and my stomach turned thinking that this might not actually work at all and I may be the one meeting the creed in a dishonorable way by the enemy and the bad news was it was not in protection of someone else within the family.

“This might not be a bad one to listen to, look. “ An older police officer out of the three that I can tell had been around for a while and there was just something in the way that the older one presented himself that I am now having suspicions that he might be one of us.

“I just want to speak to the president.” I demanded and I hear a mumble and then I hear the words that I want to hear.

“Stand down. We will take you to him.” I hear and I couldn’t be more relieved than ever to hear these words enter my ears but then I remember that nothing could be what it seems so I placed my pen a little higher so if I did fire the pen gun it would be an instant kill instead of a painful one like I hate to leave behind.

“Wonderful.” I looked at each one dead in the eye and I made sure that I was not going to back down while we walked through the halls. Every one that was connected to our path I was looking for Greave and my mom instead of a way out like I know I should. 

Soon we came to a pair of grand doors that I knew was a part of my goal as I became a little bit excited though I knew that I had to get rid of this feeling soon or else our plan would not work though there is something off about this meeting since it had taken me till just now to think that this had gone too smoothly.

“Welcome Creed.” I hear and then the training of the policeman kicked in and I felt a big elbow to my forehead, knocking me to the ground and then the next thing I know I am in the arms of the prey and now the tables had turned to where I am the captive and for right now I am fine with that and in a position to negotiate until I feel my pen dagger being stripped from my hands.

“Not much of a welcome. But we are toying with time.” I said as I felt the blood start to flow from my nostrils and into my mouth. The coldness of the blood felt unnatural to me even though I had killed a few times now but feeling your own blood is one thing that always will scare you if you are not used to it.

“Of course Creed, though I am not sure what you can do since your goal was to kill me.” The president chimed and I was amazed that he would judge my next move that quickly.

“I am only here to negotiate.” I chimed and I heard the door open again and I knew that it had to be Greave by the sound of the door banning hard against the back wall.

“Stop what you are doing Mr.…Oh, sorry, I can see that you already had things covered Azyla.” Greave breathed and I rolled my eyes thinking that I was so close and then here she is blasting down the door like she was going to take charge as usual.

“Just make sure that the rest of this place is locked down” I commanded and Greave agreed while my mom stayed. She was starting to take over my life again and I knew that this moment is supposed to be only my moment and the time I take in history.

“Why are you still here Mom?” I growled thinking that she needs to obey the leader of The Creed like everyone else does.  I can see that she was holding something in her throat and was forcing it from making words.

“No resins, I better do what I am told.” She chimed and I got back to what I was doing before the interruption as I felt an evil rush over me as I was using my pen dagger this time as a negotiation tool.

“Now back to what we were trying to negotiate.” I said and aimed the pen gun to the president’s chest. “And let me have your spot as a negotiator while you go hide off somewhere in till this all blows over.”

“You have no right to do this!” He yelled and I know that I could kill him right now but that would be frowned upon a little bit too where I might make more of a problem doing so.

“Then let me do as I please as a temporary placement because I am the only person the Creed will listen to since they had named me their leader because of my marking.” I explained and he looked like he was starting to understand. He stood with a saddened look on his face and I still aimed my pen gun at him firmly.

“This nation wouldn’t approve of this at all.” he sighed and I lowered my pen gun just a little bit to show sympathy. I didn’t let down my guard as I listened and watched every moment for an attack since the president could turn with his guards onto me at any second to I might be overran because of number and not by skill.

“I know but we must do something since the nation is torn and I am Creed and you are the rest and…” I trailed and felt a rush of guilt spread across me. Suddenly, I felt like I shouldn’t be doing this anymore. But what other choice do I have? The only thing I can think of is to let this place, and maybe others, fall to the creed.  I tossed the pen dagger to my side and felt a few tears falter down my face. I quickly noticed them and wiped them off my forsaken face.

“You don’t want to fight anymore?” I hear and I looked at the president and thought that he had to be hiding something but he was right, I don’t want to fight anymore. Long ago I thought that the creed was just a family thing that I can meet others and now I know why everyone is scared of me. Why everyone shunned me, why my family tried to push me away and I didn’t listen and I am regretting as I go the gigantic window that was behind the desk that was in the room.

“I just want peace, and the creed to be remembered.” I said and he put a hand on my shoulder and I wondered why as I waited for a knife to sever the side of my neck and let me bleed. However I think that he would not do that, poor normal but I need that normal instead of creed.

“And you thought you could get that through force?” He asked and I nodded since that was all that I was taught to some degree. I couldn’t think that it had come down to this and I could hear Aunt Greave or my mother walking into the room.

“What are you doing Azyla?” Greave gasped as she barged into the room and I can hear her dagger emerge from its home of silence since she also had a small pistol settled within her garb.

“Negotiating.” I explained and she looked disgusted as if my Aunt had found her family’s old roots and embraced it. 

“Well do it quicker. The new Creed is coming and they will kill.” She rambled and then ran off as I looked at the president and then the window. I can see the symbol painted on the building that was in front of us. The red spray painted  upside down V and the curved connection was like a regular marking but I know it was done by a non-Creed or a witness trying to blend in for his or her life by tagging the building by the non-consistent lines and the forgotten skull or X in the middle of the triangle.

“We have to work together now the symbol isn’t real I know a real symbol of the loyal side of my family.” I told him and he looked at me in question but at the same time I think he is seeing my use since I can decipher the little mistakes that someone without proper training.

“Then we can work together Creed. But you know it will with a cost.” He sighed and I smiled since I got what I wanted.

“I know but this is all I want right now since we outmatch the Old Creed.” I chimed and shook hands with him.

“So what is the plain Creed?” he asked.

“Get me an audience, the biggest one you can draw up and let them think they won.” I chimed and he nodded.

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