the Creed: Reawaken

I never had heard about the creed but there was one thing that i have noticed was this strange marking that I had been born with and now that had peaked my interest I hope i learn more about my past if i can get uncle Arcum to help me out but i doubt it... I guess i am on my own.


16. chapter 16

I found the doors and pushed them open to where the wind wrapped itself around me. The cold feathered my skin and I knew something was wrong as soon as I stepped outside since the smell of smoke was in the air and it sent fear strait inside my soul but I pushed on to what I can see as I journeyed into the city.

The flames were on a workplace that I am not sure if it was a Creed’s or not since the creed has a marking that if it is one of the olds they should know to put it on somewhere. The sirens were in the air while the trucks seemed to arrive a bit late while they whizzed past me and I started to run to get a better look at the situation from a higher point. The smoke could be seen within the night sky as I climbed up the small outlines of the windows that held them in place that was part of an office building. I am glad that I was very stubborn and have the assassin traits to where the climb was simple, even in tennis shoes.

Soon I got up the top of the building and looked among the landscape. The fire was not just one but several and there were cops who’s lights were on and in different arias that I was sure was a kill which means that the creed is alive and I made a completely fatal mistake that now I have to correct.

“Look at it closely Azyla.” I hear a voice that I needed to hear.

“I am glad that you found me Greave.” I breathed. “I did this.”

“I know, I saw the broadcast.” Greave sighed as if she was as ashamed as I am.  The look on her face read to me shame and disfurnishment as I looked away.

“Then, what are we supposed to do?” I asked like a child and she looked at me with saddened eyes. I know what is going through her mind and it is the same when I am faced with every situation. I am conflicted with the darkness that is around me as I watched the flames burn I noticed that they were the shape of the creed symbol.  This was what the message was The Creed was back and the old had been training a new generation in secrete but this is something different. This is rage that we were erased and I can be in the way and this is now a war between us and the world around me.

“Fight the creed back and then to set it free. Just like the original plan.” Greave chimed and I looked at her thinking that there was something else that she is not telling me.

“But we need to show that we can be peaceful enough to be recognized as something to be known that is what the war is about though we had our first casualty when I found out that Gamra was behind most of this since she is actually older than  what she is.”

“Someone had to be a creed in the school system as well but that doesn’t matter right now, what matters is that we get the correct people on our side.” She chimed and I had a crazy idea that might work to where it can become a great median and end this.

“I can fix this.” I chimed with a newfound determination. Greave looked at me with interest in her body language.

“How? we are all wanted people. The police are starting to hunt us all now and there are innocent being accused of being us to where everyone is confused on what we truly are, other than killers.” Greave sighed and I understood what she was saying. Since there is no way of figuring out the information or anything about us in books or online so there is much misfortune and false accused.  I looked behind me to see the sun trying to peek over the horizon and it felt like a new world was getting ready to open where we were before but in a different way.

The way that I was thinking was more of a unity and then to educate that yes we are assassins but the creed should had been no longer part of anyone’s concern, once this settles down. We had lived in harmony before so why not doing it again?  I walked to the edge to look down onto the street bellow and I could feel Greave hold my shoulder back to where I fell onto the ground. I wasn’t expecting her to do that so I took it as a way of saying that I couldn’t do what I want.

“Why did you do that?” I asked and she blinked quickly.

“I thought you were going to fall.” She said and I nodded in understanding. I got back up and brushed myself off to where I was calm.

“But if we don’t move that everything will fall into nothing but what we see. This had gotten out of hand and the person that could stop this is me since I was part of starting everything.” I chimed and Greave smiled. It had been a while since my aunt had smiled and she looked over to the side. Winter was standing in the corner where the stairs peeked over to the roof.

“We must move sis.” She chimed and Greave glanced a smile in willingness to be back in the routine of persuading and possibly killing.

 “What’s going on other than we are about to clear our names?” I asked and they both quickly gathered themselves.

“We have a plan and you are a part of it.” My mom chimed and I was still confused on what was going on while my mom stepped out into the light.

“I know since that I am the beginning of this war.” I sighed remembering that I still have yet to choose a side and a promise to keep. Every move I make will tip the scale to someone to have an advantage for a moment or a chance to have it longer.  This was their time to manipulate me to the Creed or to eliminate them.

“And now you can end it.” Greave chimed and I nodded. I wished I was never in this position but I am. I caused this fire I caused this morning where the cries of thousands to the world would morn losses. All because of that call out to the old Creed and whoever thought they would join. 

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