the Creed: Reawaken

I never had heard about the creed but there was one thing that i have noticed was this strange marking that I had been born with and now that had peaked my interest I hope i learn more about my past if i can get uncle Arcum to help me out but i doubt it... I guess i am on my own.


15. chapter 15

I found my way down to the dungeon once again. Every step reminded me of an excitation that that might happen as soon as I get down there.

“Hello again my niece, I can see that you had made the statement.”  Arcum chimed and I knew there was something that he was planning on me to be something else than this mastermind or that there was something in there for me. It felt odd that I was talking to both sides when at first he was completely against me but now Uncle must had had a talk with Greave though I need to speak to her, and soon.

“I had, what is needed to be done?” I said and Arcum was in the back.

“Then it is time for me to die.” Uncle Arcum chimed and I was in shock. Shank didn’t mention about any of my family members dyeing.  My mind went in a tailspin thinking that I haven’t really killed at all, let alone a family member. Whiteness or not, he is still someone that I should care about.

“No uncle! Why would you say that? I had been playing them like you had said to. I only like Shank because he had me preoccupied with something that was part of unknown but I do know what the Creed is now and I know that you are right!” I yelled and fell to my knees. This was way to much of stress that I was not sure all of a sudden where I fell when I did this since I am so conflicted and in the in the feeling moment.

“Then you had seen what I have seen. The Creed is old and withered to where the values are completely gone though there will be some that embrace it to where it is something new. Let’s just hope that this call doesn’t turn out to be like that.” Arcum chimed and I agreed.

“I need guidance. Everyone is pulling me in two ways that is both ends of this Creed.” I cried and he smiled.

“Those two are fakes, I should know since I had killed the darkest Creed years ago.” He chimed and my eyes lit up thinking that this had to be the resin of this. It wasn’t my future that The Creed wanted to ruin it was his right from the start. It is because of being an Anti- Creed and that had hunted Arcum for the rest of his life.

Suddenly my Cell phone rang, saving me from this conflict. I looked down and I felt happy that I am being saved by my aunt once again. “Hello?” I asked and I hear her voice on the other end but this time is hesitant and knowing that I might not have a lot of time down here.

“Azyla, Had you found your uncle?” She rambled and I answered her question. “Good, I know that they are trying to find him, and now that they have I want you to be sure that you listen to him well. I cannot help you at all.”

“What is this ABOUT?” I cried and she faulted into kind words.

“They know that you are the leader of the Creed, which means that you have a way to bring The Creed back with the killing of the president, or some sort of high ranking person. Another thing is Your unkle is already been spoken for though his fate rests more with you, leader of the creed.” She explained to where it finally clicked that the pulling will never stop.

“I get this but where do I need to become? I can’t become both, Can I?” I chimed and all went silent. Nothing on the other end though my phone and I glanced down to see that my phone is dead, fried. My eyes flash up knowing that this was NOT what I needed. The Creed wants me to stop talking and take a side, what side, I am still not sure since every time I try to even make a move I feel like I just made something devastating in the other realm of what someone else wants.

I looked at my uncle and he tilted his head in wonder. “What is wrong?” he asked and I looked down at the cracked screen of my phone. The shattered glass I am looking at made me feel like I was looking at myself, broken but knows that I can replace it with just a few words. The fact that I don’t want to show them made me scared a little since Gamra had been quiet for a bit too much to where now I am curious.

“Where do I go from here?” I asked him and it seemed like something clicked in my uncle to where it was somebody else that was talking instead of him.

“Azyla, you are the future of the world to where I know that you would make the right decision for the both of us but you will see what I had seen for the last few years.” Arcum chimed and I was confused because he was not making much sense to me.

“I know it is an old concept to where it could go either way and I am not sure which person is behind it.” I chimed and a smile widened on my uncle’s face.

“You?” I questioned and he nodded. I threw down my phone and started to back up. No wonder that he had changed so much since that night; this was all a scam to keep me from learning what the Creed is, or was it?

“Yes Azyla, you wanted in and this was the only way that I could think of doing it right.” He chimed and a light lit inside of me to where I was almost in a complete ramble.

“So basically all this is just a scam?” I asked. “You could had taught me from the get go that this is what an assassin’s life was then I might had not been interested.”

“But I saw the stubbornness that you got from me.” HE chimed and I knew that he was right. The part that I had been acting like a child since day one is silly though I am feeling like I am not seeing results that I know I should be seeing. The part that my past and future had been colliding, putting me in a tizzy and I know that I am having enough of what both sides are saying since I seem to be the one and only god here.

I stood up and stated to walk out thinking that I was hopefully going to have a moment to myself though, of course, Gamra was coming around the corner with a slight look on her face that I was not thinking that I would see at the moment. “What are you doing here?” She asked in an harsh voice that stunned me.

“Do I have a right to see my uncle?” I hissed back thinking that there had to be a resin for her bluntness.

“No since there is a resin for you to never go back there. He is the one behind this entire mess and the disappearance of our culture.” Her eyes were showing something else that I knew that she was trying to find something that he knows, but what?

“I understand but I need guidance. I can’t seem to find a side  that I prefer to where I can go on with what is around me for the time being therefore, I want to go up to the world for the moment.”  I tried to push my way up and she blocked the steps with a stern look and pushed me down to where she was higher up but she had forgotten that I had a weapon of choice as well, my pen gun.  

I grabbed that gun and aimed just over her shoulder and fired. The sound was silent enough that it only echoed a little bit within the walls of the prison aria. Gamra looked behind her to see the hole that was behind her. “Don’t think I can’t aim.” I chimed and put the mini gun away.

“Don’t think I can’t fight!” She chimed as I saw something come out of her pocket that I should have expected a dagger. The shiny blade shown in the light and I should have known that she would backstab me.

I quickly got up before the chimes of battle turned into a streak of blood that would had stained the path of time and I was impressed by her quickness.  I knew that I had to find something for shelter or at least something that could help me put this battle to an end.

I scurried down the hallway and passed my uncle. I could see the opportunities fly pass me to where my uncle would be ashamed that I am running. The bad part was that I don’t know how to fight against someone in this caliber of fighting.

“Find something to defend yourself with, ANYTHING!” I hear him and I knew that running was not going to be the best way to get away from Gamra as she started to now reveal that the inside of her jacket was full of knives, throwing knives. Each one wiped passed my hair and stuck firmly into the granite of the walls.

These movements were new and surprising that she could do this. However I am just running away from my fear until I find the one thing that I was looking for, the true weapons room. The stacked knives swords and other items were lined perfectly with a passageway that was open so I could use it as a plan because I need to face my fear. The fact that I am afraid of both sides of the creed should not be true. The ironic part is that every time I ran I raise my wrist to see my marking that questioned if I was friend or foe with everything that is within the creed.

I spot a sword that I gripped and it felt nice in my hands and I thought that this would be helpful. I turned around to see a knife that was coming right at me and I heard the hiss of mettle on mettle as I managed to block the knife with my sword. “I am good.” I thought but my life was on the line so I couldn’t get preoccupied with my skills.

 She looked like she had seen a sudden confidence that sparked inside of me while she tried to swing the knife that she had in what seemed like a black hole but I slowly started to see a trend of oddly shaped knifes until I started to hear a click that was off like it was meant to be there. I started to look at each one as they chimed their deadly tunes at me.

“You know that I had been only at this for a very long time.” Gamren chimed but then I saw an opportunity to strike. I wanted out I need to stop being afraid. The part that if I say anything of what I am doing to the creed gets out that I know that there will be more blood and the damage that I did that night will be wasted because even though it was to build an army I know a way to stop it.

“I thought that you were not part of The Creed.” I chimed as I could feel myself fade into my anger and want for more blood but this.

“Contraire, I always had if you will let me show. I grew up here in this world and thought that the creed was supposed to be this god and all others is less. But I know that it is death that should rally the old group at least to become the mentors of tomorrow since you had shown that this is worth coming back.” Gramra chimed and smiled widely. I was confused at what she was thinking of because her sentence didn’t make sense. She looked at me coldly like I was so used to be the mastermind and understand her instead of the other way around.

“Then why are you targeting them instead of the world of what you live in?” I asked and then she started to use her sleeve and removed the makeup that was on her face and I realized that she was older than what she was but she was able to hide completely in a teenage world perfectly and sadistically.  no wonder uncle didn’t trust her since she must be a part of his past somehow.

 She removed some of what she had on her face and I was stunned that I was in class with a Creed member for the longest of time. “Ah the age of being able to buy a little bit of youth. It helps with finding the younger generation by going to them and becoming a normal person.”  Gamra chimed and revealed her marking that was like Shank’s but on the other side of her face meaning that she is related somehow but I wonder how.

The thought that I had been best friends with someone that is twice my age did not disgust me but she had been using Shank to do her bidding, just like one of the people Arcum had with him. Oh, what was her name and why Gamra so much like her though that Gamra might have been a secrete apprentice after her original failed. That or she saw a way to take over The Creed after Uncle left.

However, that can be tended to in a moment because of the much more pressing matter of what is going on right now. “How old are you?” I tried to distract her.

“Does it matter? What matters is that you are going to be on that T.V. again to do progress, we need to show that we are like we were in the beginning.” Gamra hissed and I started to move quickly around her but another knife meets mine and the battle began again. Every slash and screech was with hatred instead of anger as I knew that she was wasting my time now. 

It was not the way I want to find out what the future held for me as I watched her sword instead of her eyes since the darkness in them were black to where I knew that I wouldn’t have much luck reading them.  Every move was sophisticated to where it was to temp of a kill but I know that I should be extremely cautious now with what I say but still get my words across to her while every sound was a sound of death and a chime of the bomb that might blow up in my face with the darkness of the creed. Good news is that The creed would finally have a witness and their Anti-Creed.

I twisted and turned to where I was starting to feel the tiredness settle into myself. My form started to suffer greatly.  I looked into Gramra’s cold eyes and she already knew this was something that I wasn’t used to while the song started to drag on and on.

  I finally gave into myself and started to collapse though the fatigue. I thought that this might just fake her out to be soft since I need an escape. This is a sham since I know that now I am desperate to get up top now and see what had changed.

“Give up poor CREED. Your uncle had forgotten his ways though someone had trained you a little too where you would survive.” She chimed and I was waiting for the moment for her to lower her guard, again. This time it worked somewhat in my favor.

I knelt to the floor with the sweet falling off my forehead like the fake tears that streamed down my face. I wanted to look defeated for the moment and I didn’t notice that we had moved in a complete circle or that I had moved us back to where my uncle was being held.

“What are you doing Azyla?” he asked and he must have read my look because it made him walk into the shadows.  This was the first time I seen him back down to anything since he was the one that escaped into normalcy years ago. The thought that we both had stood down would mean that The Creed had won but we have one more trick up our sleeves if I can just take a look at my own phone.

“She had fallen.” Gamra cackled in victory as the blade started to come down to my neck in an unhesitant swoop and I knew that this was my chance to kill. I quickly got my pen out of my pocket with success and fired. The shot bounced off the walls signaling a kill as I looked up to Gamra’s eyes. The shock of the sudden pain made me feel that this was necessary while she tried her best to breathe but came out with a choking huff of blood and a miniscule wound that had caused so much damage already to the inside it is a wonder that it is showing on the outside.

I watched as I saw her stumble around ominously and then collapse on the wall to slide to her resting spot. Greave’s little puffs of air made me think that she was not going to last long but there was something that was still troubling me, the fact that she was still my friend. This was also the opportunity to see what is going on in the world outside of ours but I have to choose, once again, this way of life or a glance at today. I chose today.

“No The Creed had fallen once again Gamra. But I promise that we will not be lost in the past.” I chimed as Arcum ran to the bars and started to shake them franticly to where I thought that they would be let free of their restraints and let him come out to confront me. Every pull I heard gave me chills since they clattered and screeched because of the years of abuse.  I was looking at him like an animal that was mad in a cage. I should have talked to him but it wouldn’t be long for someone to come down those steps to see Gamra gone and Arcum in complete rage. I started to run up the steps faster and faster to where my feet can carry me. However, not to freedom but to the truth.

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