the Creed: Reawaken

I never had heard about the creed but there was one thing that i have noticed was this strange marking that I had been born with and now that had peaked my interest I hope i learn more about my past if i can get uncle Arcum to help me out but i doubt it... I guess i am on my own.


14. chapter 14

“Good evening, morning, wherever you are.” I chimed after Gamra gave me the signal to speak. “I am here to call of a forgotten lure and a family that has been a part of history, The Creed.” I said and I looked behind myself and realized that Shank was thinking the same thing as I was and already rigged up surprises for this, explaining why they left me completely alone to do the rigging. The banner dropped behind me and I felt bewildered that this was truly happening.

“The Creed had been asleep for the longest time due to our line of killing and this is because in our religion it is us or them, death and his many minions. If you are one of us then it is time to get back into the creed or if not then you are a witness and we WILL find you.” I said and looked right at Gamra’s little device as she was grinning from ear to ear while I continued. “Soon the Creed will rise to the highest power that it can and will reach to where the world will remember what The Cred used to be to the world.”  I was ready to jump out of my seat but I restrained myself to settle back into my seat.

“Though I am betting that every one of you out there are laughing right now at me thinking that this is not going to happen to where this is an empty threat to where we should be ignored though I am not trying to reach the regular people of the world. If you have this marking than it is our time to come out of the darkness and show that the world had forgotten us one last time.” I said and nodded.

“I am the creed I am the assassin! In 24 hours I will show that I am by doing the one thing that makes a creed member a creed member, a true kill with our marking. Plus, I do have the marking of the leader.” I chimed and I showed my marking knowing that the old members should know that this was not a joke at all. This was real.  “You all know what to do.” I chimed and she made a hand signal saying that we were all in the clear and I could stop with my speech. I felt amazing that I was doing this.

“Very nice Azyla.” I hear Shank beside me and for some resin it sent a chill down my spine as if I had done something wrong. 

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