the Creed: Reawaken

I never had heard about the creed but there was one thing that i have noticed was this strange marking that I had been born with and now that had peaked my interest I hope i learn more about my past if i can get uncle Arcum to help me out but i doubt it... I guess i am on my own.


13. chapter 13

I see the lights of the stage that was going to be my backdrop. The part that we are just a few moments away to our call to get rid of the witnesses that had been hiding from us for centuries since The Creed went dormant. We might not have a big signal but I know that this mission would change that while I went outside with Shank and Gamra.

“Well just get the signal and get out.” I said as I closed the door of Shank’s car.

“It shouldn’t be much of a problem Azyla. All we need to do is just hack into the television signal but just in case here.” She chimed and handed me the one item that I was looking forward to having and it felt wonderful in my hands.

That item was a legionary Creed pen dagger that was had a very long blade with now what looked like was more of a pen gun than a true dagger. The chamber was clean and I wondered if this is now a pen gun or a pen dagger and there was only one way in my mind to find out… Fire it. I put the end of the pen into the seat next to me to where I knew that if there was any kickback or any other damage later that might hurt me it wouldn’t be too distracting for Shank.

I hear the blast and I felt the surge of power go through my body. The shock that this has to be the tiniest bullet imaginable had to make the entire pen gun go off in this mist of power and penetrate the seat. Gamra screamed a small squeak and Shank stopped the car by making a maneuver that pulled us across the lanes of traffic.

“What the hell was that for?” Shank yelled and I shrugged my shoulders as an answer though I was already in the mist of figuring out of how to reload the pen quickly while dusting the hole.

“Got to find out what this weapon is sooner or later so I decided sooner.” I chimed while a sheepish grin spread slowly across my face thinking that if I really wanted to I could end the creed right now and say that I was kidnapped as well as branded but who would listen to me since I had been ignored for years of whom I  was supposed to become in the real world.

“Well warn us next time when you do something like that! It is a waste of resources and sometimes time if you mess around.” Gamra scorned me and I knew that I was in the wrong but at the same time the entire idea felt so right.

We sat in silence while the rain started to pour down again onto the road and making nice music in the silent car. Nothing good music wise was on the radio, tough I figured Shank was not much of a music lover in the first place since he never had the radio on to anything but a police frequency.  I can hear every word of chatter as I prepared myself to fight the skilled men and women in blue for the first time.

Suddenly a knot started to form inside of me. This mission is going against every last moral idea that this society has for most children. The creed on the other hand, thinks that if it is needed than it is called an honorable sacrifice and you are saved. I tried to tell myself that over and over but the knot still was around and the only thing that could concave it is only two things that can come to mind. Tell in private, if I can, to a guard that this is happening and be on the lookout or just fallow like I had been doing and say nothing to see how it goes. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have much of a say since I manage to draw a target instantly on my back just by testing out my new weapon.

“We will be there in a block. Just follow our lead Azyla.”  Gamra chimed happily and I nodded. Here we go.

All three of us piled out of the car that was hidden from everything. I knew that Shank must had done some mapping before this by the fact that he easily guided us in and out of fence lines and people that were guarding the studio. 

The rain felt lonely on my body as if it was already dripping the sadness that was about to happen as I fallowed what I was supposed to do without question. My duty was simple, relay the message of the creed at all cost.

We were finally at the bottom of a window well that was just on the other side of the dish aria where our target is. The main dish was a massive peace that looked like I could make a house in the center and still have room for items of personal use. I glanced at Shank and he looked pleased of what all has happened so far in the sense of not being caught just yet. “You are up Azyla.” He chimed and I was surprised at his statement.

“Me? Why me?” I quickly asked and he started to bust out a hardy laugh and patted my back.

“Best climber in the creed, now go and plug the device in.” He chimed and pushed me forward while handing some black box in my hand. I stared at the item as the symbol was painted in dim red and I knew right then that this was not a joke or just about making a statement of reviving the creed. This was real, I knew that, but this is a deciding factor of my fate looking at me and taunting me to do what I am told and not what I want or what Arcum had been telling me for years to do.

I stepped forward to the satalight dish and tried to compose myself. I wanted to see if the creed is still alive, just dormant. This is a chance to see if there were others instead of just making mass chaos in the realm of this world.  I placed the box to where I could easily climb and chimed that I hope that the creed does not want blood.

Slowly I raised the slickness of the side of the bar proved to be the more challenging aspect of the climb than what I had expected. Every grasp was getting looser and looser because of the rain that coated the now numbing mettle on my bare skin. I tried to ignore the gulling part that I am wasting my strength on the part that I should be walking on the black part where the lining of wires were intertwining in the coating to make the triangle center. I slowly got to where I was comfterble of doing just that and went down into more of a snake like crawl on a branch, inching my way and trying my hardest not to fall the now feet drop to where if I hit the dish just right I can break something or worse, be dead.

That is unfortunately where my luck was ending. I felt my balance slip up and I only had seconds to react. My heart jumped as I grasped the bar that I was trying my hardest not to fall off of. I could feel the rain slide off of me like butter while I felt weightless for the longest time. I shifted around once I settled down and found that I suprizenly still had the signal box in my hands. I looked down and can see the flash of light that was about to crash behind me show that Shank and Gamra was concerned that I might have just gave up.

“Azyla, you ok?” I hear in my ears that woke me from my trance. I thought that I had moved at least a little bit since the almost fall but I must had looked fried to them. I can see my destination just a few strides away and I knew that this had to become something more than a moment as I mustered up enough strength to move on. Every bit of my mussels seemed too had become almost in complete shutdown as they started to react to my movements. Every bit of pain was like a rocket while determination seemed go find me at the perfect moment.

 A flash of strength made me see that this is where I was needed the most right then as I slithered my way to where I needed to be. “I am fine what now?” I asked as I got myself to the center.

“Good, now unlatch the cover!” I hear Shank as now I am starting to feel the cold go deep into my soul as I wonder when we are going to be captured. I glanced around to see that there was a guard tower just off to the very corner of where I was at and I felt fearful that we had yet to even notice that.

“Um Shank, There is a watchtower off to the very left corner…” I chimed and the strike of lighting left him there one moment and then gone the next.

I smiled thinking that I might have just saved us when I hear something that I knew was a bad sign. Bullets were starting to fly into the air and I knew I had to act fast. The part that I had no idea what was going on was starting to make me panic since I thought we were much more efficient. Although I have to remind myself that the creed had been dormant for so long that we must had lost a bit of our luster from not doing so many of these.

I found the hatch and ripped it off. The wires looked normal and I quickly figured matched color to color. I felt proud that I was able to do this myself as I quickly got myself to the edge and slid on the cold mettle like a water slide. I landed like a cat and started to laugh a bit at the fun while I noticed something was off. Nobody was taking notice of what I was doing. They had left me to be alone unless that they were in trouble.

I rushed to the tower thinking that they are my family and that this is hopefully for the best. The sirens started to rise up in alarm and it was one of those moments that I was in auto pilot knowing that this was not going to be my last kill but my first. I ran though the wires, trying my hardest not to trip or anything along those lines as only time could tell that if Shank is truly in trouble since all I know is that he was trying to kill off the guards.

I could see my destination get closer and closer as the storm ridged on inside me and the world around me. I also noticed that Gamra was missing though I figured that she had just gone to help Shank. I ran through the place to see that the door to the tower.  The place was full of police and I can see Gamra and Shank against the wall and I can see that it was me against five guards.

“Azyla, go we got this.” Shank said and I got my pen gun out and quickly aimed and fired off three shots that made all three guards fall to the ground.

“Nope I got this.” I chimed. Shank plinked quickly and motioned me to fallow. We were walking through the halls and I can see why they were takeing so long, the stage was set and all that  is needed was me to take the stand.

“This is your moment, make it count.” He said and I looked at Gamra whom was silent.

“Ok.” I said and took my spot at the head of the chair. The leather was soft for an office chair though it was just a set up for the moment but to me it was royalty.

“We are almost in the override section.” I hear Gamra. She was over on the wall mount where a connector jack was to where all she has to do is connect a wire and she has access to basically an entire circuit of everything from security to info. I had forgotten that the creed had upgraded and had much more of a technological and silent approach that is more and more of ninjas and assassins.

“I feel like I am going to change the world right now.” I said and Shank put a hand on my shoulder while I messed with my hair.

“It is all yours to do whatever you want.”  He chimed. 

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