the Creed: Reawaken

I never had heard about the creed but there was one thing that i have noticed was this strange marking that I had been born with and now that had peaked my interest I hope i learn more about my past if i can get uncle Arcum to help me out but i doubt it... I guess i am on my own.


12. chapter 12

I can smell the must that is in the jail cells since that is the most likely place that the family could hide someone until it is time.  Every condor was empty with the gloomy cells holding only drips of water from the upper levels.

“Arcum?” I asked around thinking if he would answer me it would be something better than just having a new Creed defeat what seems like a master and apprentice.

“Azyla?” I hear my name and there he was in a small place by himself.

“Uncle, I am scared The Creed wants me to lead a kill and revolution of what we used to be of what the creed was, feared in a good way.

“I know Azyla. Unfortunately, the revolutionary part might be a bunch of smoke and mirrors for something else so we should not jump to conclusions.” Arcum was right on the fact that I am jumping to conclusions and it had been a flaw of mine for years.

“But what if it is too late and everything falls on this situation because of the call to kills.” I said and he leaned back as if I am seeing my Uncle Arcum fade into himself though I can never seem to read him.

“Then we must do what I did when I was your age. Kill the leader and the apprentice. Whatever it takes.” I couldn’t hear what he was saying with such confidence and smoothness like he had never left the creed. The darkened hallways were a breeding ground for evil but in my mind this entire thing of killing others is a little bit absurd without a noble cause, even though I had already done that since I am a witness.

“Then I should lay low?” I asked and he nodded slightly.

“That would help Azyla.”

“Azyla, I can see that you had found the prisoner?” I hear behind me and I turned to see Shank come into the hallway.

“I had.” I immediately changed my tune to the secretive girl that wants to be within the Creed.

“Good, I think that Arcum would be a perfect person since he is an Anti-Creed and since you need to become reinstated for lack or terms.”

“How so Shank other than the fact that the witness needs to be slain? How does it come to me?”  I asked and he gently grabbed my arm and pulled me close to where I was starting to feel unsure. 

“You are marked as an Aniti as well in the Creed’s eyes to where I had been covering your base since you have no idea how close that you had been to death. You have to prove that you can make it in this world and this is how.” He explained and I am agreeing with him on the outside while seeing a grave open up underneath him in my mind’s eye.

“I know but I am still unsure.” I said and he pulled me next to him while I glanced to Arcum whom seemed to not be paying any attention.

“I will be there with every step of the way if you are ready to make the call to arms.” Shank said and I leaned into him for a fake loving kiss as right now I would love to have a weapon of some source to stab him in the back and to feel the blood strain onto my hands. That will have to wait.

I felt his kiss onto my lips and I can feel the darkness of betrayal pass through the both of us. I breathed deeply since I wanted this to become convincing and that I had finally fallen for Shank when I just am putting on a show for now.

I swept my hands on his back and he tried to get me to want him but we just left it in the embrace until I had to breathe. “I look forward to this union of us calling to arms of what the world had done to us.”  I chimed as he pushed the stains of hair out of my eyes and did a quick peck on the cheek.

“I look forward to it, my love.” He chimed as he left, leaving me and my uncle alone again. I quickly scanned the aria high and low for anything that would show that we were watched, like I should have done in the first place.

“How was that Uncle?” I asked in a lough and Arcum looked amazed that I had pulled everything that I wanted to off that I had gotten star struck in an instant.

“That is what I meant by playing them my niece.”  He said and for the first time he said that I was related to him. I felt static that I had gotten this status. The part that something must had clicked in his mind since the last time I had seen him.

“You had just called me a part of the true family… what changed?” I asked in question to him but I got nothing but a smile.

“You stood up to me that was all that was needed.” Arcum stated and I knew the true answer though he was not saying the true resin behind my expectance: he wanted me to part of the family Creed. 

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