the Creed: Reawaken

I never had heard about the creed but there was one thing that i have noticed was this strange marking that I had been born with and now that had peaked my interest I hope i learn more about my past if i can get uncle Arcum to help me out but i doubt it... I guess i am on my own.


10. chapter 10

I awoke in a car unsure of how long we both had been traveling. All I know is that I see the streetlamps overhead and that we had been going on for the past three hours nonstop in this car when I think we should be at least close to wherever we are going.

Shank looked as whipped as I was as I turned on my phone for the minute to check the time. It’s six in the morning and still dark out for a nice cool drive.  I see him look at me for a moment and went back to the road. “Nice slumber?” He asked and I smiled while shaking the rest of the sand out of my eyes that were starting to bug me.

“Very, how much longer?” I frozenly said and he placed a hand on my leg. I felt a calm sensation as if I was safe with Shank whatever my Uncle tries to tell me otherwise.

“Not much, Azyla... The place should be around here somewhere.”
I sat up in my seat and though that I might as well do something. I glanced down on my phone and noticed that the screen had changed to a very different pic than what I originally had. The white background was a bit fighting to me because it was a pic of my marking. I pressed the home button again and saw that the screen had changed to normal.  I was in shock that Shank had done something like this to me even though I had to be sure that it was necessary.

“What did you do to my phone?”  I cried and he glanced at me in confusion for just a minute before returning to the road.

“I modified it.” He chimed and kept on explaining. “I was thinking since that times had changed and everything is now so connected, for lack of terms, I thought that you can be the first teach Creed.” He said and my eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.  I never thought that I would have such of honor of doing something that was part of the past, just redone.

“Then let’s have some fun.” I said and I swiped my finger across the screen to find that the new section was very easy to use. I smiled widely thinking the all types of possibilities that I could use this to connect the Creed again into the world. I looked at the apps and found the one that looked like a stop light on a cop car and pressed.

I can see the street map on my phone turn on with many lights that were like streetlights and I looked up after I swiped my finger at, what looked like, four stop lights ahead of us. I felt the power stretch from my fingertips to the stoplight and thinking that this was awesome that I could now do whatever I almost desired right now just only one thing was missing that that was a weapon of some source, except this.

“Sweet.” I chimed with my mind spinning and my finger changing every light on our path green.

“There is more, we even have a radio.” He chimed and I immediately closed the app that I was in and opened something that was like a trucker’s station but it was a worldwide cop system.

“I thought The Creed was low key.” I laughed while enjoying my splendors.

“We were.” Shank sighed and I nodded.

“Well that makes a lot of difference.” I said and I smiled as the lights kept coming and going in our favor. 

“It dose and we are here.” Shank looked very happy as he turned the lights to what looked like was a cave that had come in a little bit due to the weight of the earth that had become of the cave.

“Well then let’s get going!” I chimed and started to run in head first into the place. I looked back for only a second to see that Shank was scanning the aria for something. Every step that I took slowed just a little to look around and feel the uneasiness in the air. The shadows crawled around me while I jolted to a stop.

The mouth of the cave suddenly was uninviting and unwelcoming to me. The depths just kept going on and on in till the darkness can never show the speck of light that it had consumed. I was frozen in time and I can hear Shank snicker in the darkness that was within the moonlight that just had started to peek among the clouds.

“I thought that you wanted to learn about this?” He chuckled and I gave him a glare that should had struck him dead.

“I do but it is something about this cave that is so… familiar.” I chimed thinking of what Uncle Arcum used to tell me about a place that was covered underground that was part of a fishing community townhouse that became the entire nation of the Creed, especially in the beginning. 

“It is where a lot had happened in your past that we shall all reclaim.” Shank said and placed a calming hand on me.

“What do you mean?”  I asked while we started inside. The drips of the past soakage of blood were still trying to find its way within the fresh cave water that had just spilled through the cracks.

“Well we will see if you are a pure Creed or not.” Shank sighed and I wasn’t sure what he meant by that statement. I did have the hair marking. Don’t I? Then again, Uncle was very cautious about Everything that I tried to mention the marking or the family section of the creed.

I can see that the darkness has swallowed most of the cave’s light by now as we went deeper to where there was an old door that had been plastered there on purpose but it looked at the same time haphazard. The coolness of us going underground was starting to get to me when we stopped at this core door.  Shank knocked and some glooming cat like eyes was at the door that I had never seen before to where they looked inhumane and a real cat was piercing into my soul for something.

“Who fears the assassin?” the question hissed into the night and Shank raised his marking up to where the inspector could see.

“I’m not afraid because I am he.” Shank answered and the person flashed to me and seemed concerned.

“Another lost Creed back Shank? This is going to be a wonderful specimen to become one of us in permanent harmony.” She slowly chose her words to either frighten, which was absolutely working, or just saying it as a creepy welcome.

“She is more than the classic broken decedent that had fallen to curiosity and the lust that we must not all have as we think we do; her bloodline had been this way since the beginning. That is why the deaths of the Creed wanted her as one of us now.”  Shank explained as we walked into a grand room that looked to be part of a grand hall a long time ago.

The broken pillars everywhere suggested time had taken its toll. I wondered what this place was way back when it was exquisite. The parties that it had with a touch of tragedy in every story were starting to ring in my head from days past. Then something caught my eye.

A flag that looked familiar to me stood out in another room that was nearby. The upside down V with the curved center and the skull in the triangle, my marking. I stepped back to see the blood red that had faded and the sleek black of the lines to say that it was happy to see me home.

“This looks just like my marking.” I chimed and started to smile.

“It should, Anti-Creed.” I hear the voice that greeted me and instantly the safe hood of this place fell. I can feel my heart pound as the soft taps of army boots scraped the ground behind me. Everyone was like a piece of life slipping while I had no true weapon of a choosing, yet. All I had was my cell and that this place was caught in the secrets of the past.

“Anti-Creed?” I asked as I felt the cold blunt side of an edge with my neck.

“Your family had cut the tape of The Creed but unfortunately, the creed wants you for one resin… Time to make up your mistake of leaving long ago leader.”  I hear her and then Shank pulled her off of me and pushed her over the stone.

“She is home; she is not going to stray like my line did those years ago. We still have one more that I had found and then we can get our place back, Gamra.”  He said and I was shocked to see that the person that was trying to take my life was my friend. Her hair was covered perfectly under a wig all this time to where when she took it off I saw the look of someone that I felt like I had heard before, like a trace of a whisper of a past life.

“Gamra? You are part of the Creed?” I asked and she smiled as she grabbed something from her pocket and placed some contacts in their case. She quietly came to me and I can see the marking in her eyes now like never before as she finally used her sleeve to finish the marking that was around the socket.

“Surprised on how we found you?” She chimed and pushed me forward to the desk.

“Yes but what does that anything to do with this?” I yelled to where I started to feel for something that I could use.

“Well we had left a few witnesses from the past that we know that we must get rid of.” I raised my eyes up in war with my once friend and now mentor. They were asking me to do something that I was not willing to do which was to kill my family.

 “Why must I do this?” I asked with shock and the want to leave now is more of a mission than what it was in the first place was to learn. I felt dumb being the most curious and stubborn person in the first place.

“We had left witnesses to where we had become a peace of forgotten past that had made this world.” Gama said and I felt like she was right about the witness part but we don’t need to go after my family.

“There has to be another way.” I called and she raised an eyebrow, hopefully seeing it my way.

“What do you suggest?” Gamra chimed and I knew that I only have one shot at this conversation to turn this around and for me to do the unthinkable since I knew what I am up against.

“There has to be other Creeds that are astray? Which means we just need to spread the word out that we are still here and we should not be messed with.” I chimed and Shank smiled.  Gamra switched her blade inside the chief.

“That is your task.” She chimed and left I and Shank be to talk since it seems like she had enough of the negotiation.

“I am worried Azyla.” He chimed and I faltered onto the floor.

“Me to.” I chimed and wiped the sweet off of my face. I never was in this placement before to where now I have to revive something that is lost. Arcum would never let me do this but I have to prove something along the lines that we can kill and live in a life of today without question.

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