the Creed: Reawaken

I never had heard about the creed but there was one thing that i have noticed was this strange marking that I had been born with and now that had peaked my interest I hope i learn more about my past if i can get uncle Arcum to help me out but i doubt it... I guess i am on my own.


1. chapter 1

I see the tree that I want to climb once again and get out of being ridiculed for at least the moment. I hear the bus coming to take me to the dreaded school where I know that I am hated at. I push my black hair aside if that wasn’t enough of a clue that I don’t belong in this fine combed city. I pull down my sleeve to hide my birthmark of two swords coming together in an upside-down V and the curve at the bottom that houses the skull in the center.

I sigh thinking that I would have to hide the number one thing that makes me different, again. My mother, Winter is her name, tells me that my marking will get me killed and that I had to train to protect myself. Good mom, tell me the entire truth instead of the movie preview. I roll my sleeve up to show the marking for a short bit and just as the bus doors opened I snuffed my mark under my sleeve.

“Not a happy morning Azyla?” The driver asked and I avoided the entire conversation as I took my seat at the very back of the school bus. I hate the fact that every kid was wide awake by the time the bus reaches my house. The yelling and screaming of them either saying hallo or how I horribly left my marking exposed for the day and it scares the unfortunate souls that see it.

I plopped down in my seat and threw my backpack on the floor. “Morning Azyla.” I hear a voice beside me and it was Gamra my closest friend.

“Morning.” I huffed thinking I just want to be alone on most mornings. “So are excited about our new project?” I hear come out of her mouth and I was stunned thinking that it was going to have to be another one that my mom would love to control me while I try my hand at the work in fear that mine would be too out there and reveal the family secrete that even I don’t know about.

“Project?” I questioned looking at her gothic outfit that was perfect on her body as normal. A bit of retro black fabric top with a red lace trim and dark blue jeans was her version of gothic but I just call it her style as I am in my classic tank and shorts that I am going to try to get away with for the sixth straight school day in a row.

“The tree project.” She called out and I placed a palm to my forehead in complete misfortune. I can see me now with my own mother and she would be skipping this branch and that branch just to cover something up or complain to the school that this is against our “religious belief” although I have no clue what that means since we go to the local church every Sunday for service.

“Oh that... I am very fortunate that my mom is going to get me out of this one though I am very interested in what my past has in store for me. “ I sighed and Gamra started to laugh.

“Exactly why I wish I was in your shoes.” She said as she tried to breathe once more from laughing too hard.

“No you do not.” I said and looked out the window of my little slice of the world that I know that I am a part of somehow.

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