Protect for Love- One Direction Fanfiction

Reyna is a girl who never got a second glance. She's well, less than normal; at least if you just look at her. However, if you get to know her you'll find she's more extraordinary than ever.
One video changed her life. A video of her defending herself against 6 guys. Before she knew it, she became a bodyguard for one of the most famous boybands in history, One Direction. Little does she know adventure, love, and danger are soon to await her...


7. Chapter 6

            I was still assigned to the girls when they went out, but when they weren`t I wouldn`t be there. I was now going to watch the perimeter of where ever they were staying at night. Most of my shifts changed from 7amm to 9pm to 7pm to 9am, which i think is total bullshit because I would never have the same life as i had. I guess that`s what i get for being a bodyguard for famous people.

            “You're going to be watch the club from the inside. Get ready to go undercover.” Paul said.

            “Is everyone else going to be with me?” I asked before i left

            “Jeremy and Martin. You'll meet with them later.” Paul said walking out the door. I walked to my room )yes i have a hotel room. And yes it is free.) and decided what to wear and bring. I put my wallet, phone and ipod in my small bag. I was debating on whether or not if i should bring my only weapon, my knife. Don't worry, i haven't killed anyone. But i do know how to handle weapons if i really have to. I guess that's what happens when you live with 10 families (don't ask it's a long story), you learn alot.

            I just decided to bring it. Whenever i did, i never needed it. I walked to my suitcase and looked for something to wear. Something that could hold a knife, and nothing that was too revealing. It's not like anything bad was going to happen tonight... right?


Perrie's (P.O.V)


            Zayn and I walked back to our room in silence. I don't think he bought our lie. I actually don't think anyone believed us. I really hope he did though, because i would feel really guilty if he had to worry about me for the entire tour. We entered our room and we walked in still in silence. I went to my luggage to get a change of cloths, but Zayn stopped me.

            “Perrie, tell me the truth. What happened?” he asked looking deep into my eyes. Should i tell him the truth? Or do i lie to him again?

            “Um... I actually fell and Rey saved me.” I said.

            “Really? Then why would she give CPR?”

            “How would you know? You weren't even there!” I screamed. He walked up to me and I took a step back.

            “I saw her pound your chest, and you spit out water. Perrie, tell me what happened!”

            “Fine! The truth is really bad, and i don't want to to worry about me.”

            “Just tell me.”

            “Three people tied me up and threw me into the pool. Reyna was there and she saved my life.”

            “Then why didn't she stop them?”

            “She wasn't there! I know what you're trying to Zayn! You're trying to get rid of her!”

            “No!  I just want to make sure my girlfriend is being protected by the best and not by some slacker!”

            “Is that really what you call the person that saved my life?!”

            “Well if she wasn't slacking this never would have happened!”

            “Well if it wasn't for her then i would be dead! And it was my fault she wasn't there.”

            “What does that mean?” he asked.

            “We made her feel uncomfortable! She left and then this happened! If you want to blame someone then blame me!” I screamed. I grabbed a set of cloths and walked out of the room... Only to find Rey leaning against the wall, looking like she was about to cry.

            “Rey...” i tried to talk to her. She looked at me and gave a small nod.

            “Be ready in 30 minutes.” was all she said. She turned around and walked away.

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