Protect for Love- One Direction Fanfiction

Reyna is a girl who never got a second glance. She's well, less than normal; at least if you just look at her. However, if you get to know her you'll find she's more extraordinary than ever.
One video changed her life. A video of her defending herself against 6 guys. Before she knew it, she became a bodyguard for one of the most famous boybands in history, One Direction. Little does she know adventure, love, and danger are soon to await her...


35. Chapter 34

Eleanor’s P.O.V *a few days before at the pub*

Louis and Harry came to our group with panic.

“Rey, Jeremy, Paris and Martin are going to the hospital.” Harry said looking really sick.

“WHAT!? What happened?!?” I yelled.

“Reyna got shot. I don’t know how bad it is, but I’m supposed to tell all of you and the other bodyguards.” Harry said.

“You’re supposed to tell us what?” Theresa asked bringing Eric, Roman and Jackson.

“Umm… Rey got shot, so Paris, Jeremy and Martin went to the hospital.” Louis said.

“OH MY GOD!! WHERE WAS SHE SHOT?!!?!?!?!?” Theresa cried.

“In the chest.” Harry said.

“NO, I mean where here?” Theresa asked.

“In the alley.” Louis said.

“Oh my god… so what’s our next move?” Eric asked. We all thought about it.

“Why don’t the people who were assigned those bodyguards go to the hospital. The rest of us will go back to the hotel and tell Paul. We may meet you there anyway.” Roman suggested.

“Yeah, that sounds like a good plan.” Theresa agreed.

“Okay, then who’s guarding who?” I asked. “I know Rey’s guarding me.”

“Paris is guarding me.” Perrie said.

“Martin had me.” Harry said.

“Jeremy was for me.” Niall said.   

“Great. The rest of us will go back.” Jackson said. We all got up.

“I’ll catch up with you. I have a small bladder and I just downed two pitchers of beer.” Theresa said walking to the washroom.

“Don’t take too long.” I said. I got my bag and sweater and got up.

“Wait. I don’t have my phone.” Harry said. I could tell he didn’t want to go to the alley way and see what was there.

“I’ll go. I’ll meet you in the car.”  I said.

“Thanks.” He said. I made my way to the exit. I opened the door and I understand why he wouldn’t want to go. There was a giant pool of blood in the alley way. Nobody was there, but I was afraid to be there. I saw Harry’s phone and the blood was almost touching it. I walked up and grabbed it, no cracks. I heard rustling behind me. I jumped back into the darkness and crouched down behind some garbage cans.

“Please stop!” a man pleaded. What? I took a peak and saw a man being beaten by someone.

“No, you deserve this.” A… female voice said. It sounded really familiar. She was still in the dark so I couldn’t tell who she was.

“Why are you doing this?” the man asked as he spat out some blood.

“You don’t get away after what you did to her.” She said. She took a step forward and her face was now in the light. I had to cover my mouth so they wouldn’t hear me. It was Theresa.

“Why would you care?!” he laughed and spat on her.  She chuckled and stomped on his leg. There was a sickening snap followed by a scream. He cradled the now broken leg. Theresa straddled him and pulled something out.

“I’m going to make something very clear. That girl that you shot, she’s mine. I’m the one who gets to destroy her. Little fuckers like you that get in the way will suffer.” She said as she grabbed his chin. What she grabbed was a knife. She took the blade and stuck it in his mouth. I turned away so I wouldn’t watch. I just heard lots of tearing and screaming. Then… silence. I looked back to see him on the floor with blood smeared on his face. Theresa was wiping the blood on his shirt. She pulled out a phone and dialed her number.

“Hey baby. Bad news, Rey’s in the hospital. She may be there for awhile which means that she may not be home for some time… no. I want her to be in perfect health when we do this…” she said. She brought the blade up so she could really look at it. “Trust me… with what I’ve got planned, she will wish she never did what she did.”

I turned around and a bottle on top of the trash can fell and hit the ground. Theresa looked over in my direction… and started walking over with her dagger. I could hear her footsteps getting closer and my heartbeat getting faster. I held my breath and slid father from her. The darkness covered me, but I knew she was still going to check. Sweat started beading up on my back and forehead. The warmth of my hands started to leave me. I was panicking.. I was gonna die. She stopped walking and bent over.

“EW!” she screamed and kicked something. “Stupid mice.” She said and walked back into the pub. I still didn’t move. I was afraid to get up and walk. I took what little strength I had left and lifted myself off of the ground. I walked to the door and ran i. I ran out the door and to the parking lot. I found Harry there with Perrie and Niall.

“Hey! What took you so long?” Perrie asked. I lifted the phone. It was dark, I almost stepped on it.” I lied. “Let’s just go.” I said really fast.

“What’s up with you?” Niall asked.

“Nothing… I just want to see Rey…” I lied again. I opened the door and just hopped in… wanting to get away from what I just witnessed.

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