Protect for Love- One Direction Fanfiction

Reyna is a girl who never got a second glance. She's well, less than normal; at least if you just look at her. However, if you get to know her you'll find she's more extraordinary than ever.
One video changed her life. A video of her defending herself against 6 guys. Before she knew it, she became a bodyguard for one of the most famous boybands in history, One Direction. Little does she know adventure, love, and danger are soon to await her...


4. Chapter 3

(Eleanor P.O.V)


            I got ready for the day. I left my hair wavy, wore skinny jeans and a white tank top. I wore my bronze gladiators, and decided to walk around the hotel. Lou and i shared a hotel room, he told me he was picking up our bodyguards and he'd meet me later. When i walked down to the front, i had to check if the paps were there. And with my luck, they weren't. I saw Liam run up to somebody though... I could recognize those ebony curls any day. Danielle was here. I bolted to them. Danielle saw me and ran up to me.

            “You're here!” I screamed as i wrapped my arms around her.

            “Finally!” she said.

            “I don't get a hug?” another voice said behind me. I looked over Danielle's shoulder, and there stood Perrie, just as gorgeous as ever.

            “Perrie!” I ran toward her.

            “El!” she screamed as she ran to me. We had lots to catch up on. Danielle had done the usual back up dancing for artists. Perrie was touring all over the place. And i was in University. Our life was great, plus we were the girlfriends of the famous boyband.

            “So... where's Lou?” Danielle asked as we took their stuff to their rooms.

            “He went with Harry to pick some people up.”

            “Hope he won't be long. We need to greet him before we explore this place.” Perrie said as she dragged her luggage to her and Zayn's room.

            “I don't really want to explore. You know what the fans can do. Especially to us.” Danielle said.

            “Paul said we won't have to worry about that anymore. He hired a personal bodyguard for the three of us.” i said as i brought out Danielle's toiletry bag.

            “Haha! How long will they last? I bet €10 they won't last for a week on this tour!”Perrie said.

            “I'll take that bet.” I challenged.

            “I'm out. I just hope this guard is good.” Danielle said gathering her stuff for the day. I helped Perrie and Danielle settle in, and even gave them a tour of the hotel. Paul said that we couldn't leave the hotel until our guards arrived, and knew what they were doing. Soon enough, Paul came through the door.

            “Girls, meet Reyna. She's going to be your new guard for the tour”

             A girl, no younger than 16 came through the door. She wore baggy cloths, so i couldn't tell if she was curvy or skinny. She was my height, maybe and inch shorter, but i could tell that she was getting used to putting on make up. If she does the right things, she would be drop dead gorgeous. I turned to Perrie and Danielle. They agreed with my thoughts. The girl shyly shifted and blushed.

            “Hi. I'm the new guard.” she said as she held out her hand for a shake. I didn't shake it, but i did hug her. Something about her was very huggable, and she was skinnier than i thought. She hugged back and before she could pull away, Perrie and Danielle group hugged her.

            “Welcome to our family!” Danielle said to her.

            “Thank you... but can we stop. I can't really breath.” she said. We broke the hug. She can't be our new guard! She was just so awkward, and well, weird. Aren't bodyguards supposed to have people skills?


Reyna (P.O.V)


            Well, I arrived! I don't think that it was a good thing either. Within the few seconds that i met the girls, they already seem to hate me. Why was I so awkward to people i meet? This was a major disadvantage for me cause i am now the most interactive people of the century! I'm doomed...

            “So Reyna, where you from?” Perrie asked me as we all sat down to talk.

            “I'm from Ontario, Canada.” I replied. I felt my cheeks heat up. Why the fuck was i so shy?!

            “Oh! I've been to Toronto one time! Do you live there?” She asked.

            “Yeah. Well, near the city. I live in Mississauga. It's like a 20 minute drive, maybe less.” I (again) replied shyly.

            “I've always wanted to go!” Danielle said.

            “Me too!” Eleanor responded.

            “I think the tour leads us there. We should explore that place!” Perrie suggested.

            “We should!” Eleanor said excitedly. The three girls continued their conversation, and kinda just phased me out of it. I just sat there, feeling left out as usual. Just being a spot that was filled in. Maybe 10 minutes later I decided to leave the room. Paul said that I could patrol the floor when they got bored.

            “Excuse me. I have to meet someone.” I said to them as i stood up.


            “Go ahead.” they said. They didn't really care what i did i guess. I just stood up and walked out the door. I decided to sit in the hallway so at least i would do my job. Hotel windows don't open, so nobody could sneak in. They were fine without me. I took out my phone and decided to text Jeremy. My phone FYI, is not a mainstream phone. It's a Nokia style blackberry... or Nokia-berry... or blueberry, I don't know. Just thought you should know. Anyway, I texted away.

            Hey. How you holdin up?- he responded almost immediately.


            I'm fine. There's a bodyguard for each boy so i'm not alone. You?


            I'm the only guard for these girls! I hope another person will help later!


            Maybe. You never know. Did you talk to them?


            Yep... they hate me. :(


            How would you know that?


            I spoke for 20 seconds, and then kinda faded out of the convo. And the way they looked at me when i walked in the room was odd. So yeah! They hate me!


            Don't worry. You'll be fine. Tonite, we're all going to a club, so be prepared for tonite.


            Thanks for the heads up. Will do. TTYL. Paul has to talk to me.


            k. TTYL ;)


            A club tonight? This was going to get interesting.

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