Protect for Love- One Direction Fanfiction

Reyna is a girl who never got a second glance. She's well, less than normal; at least if you just look at her. However, if you get to know her you'll find she's more extraordinary than ever.
One video changed her life. A video of her defending herself against 6 guys. Before she knew it, she became a bodyguard for one of the most famous boybands in history, One Direction. Little does she know adventure, love, and danger are soon to await her...


18. Chapter 17

Reyna’s P.O.V

            “How long have we been in here?” I whined.

            “10 minutes.” EL replied. I groaned.

            “Come on Rey. This place isn’t that bad.” Perrie joined in.

            “But I don’t shop in Forever 21.”

            “Well then look around. Maybe there’s something you’ll like.” Dani insisted.

            “Maybe, but it’s all dresses and skirts. Stuff I don’t normally wear.”

            “Juts give it a try.” El said pushing me to a wall of dresses. Not lying, but most of these dresses were gorgeous, but none of them were for me. I looked through the colourful dresses with sweetheart necklines, strapless, one shoulder and other stuff like that. As I turned away from the wall, there was this dress that caught my eye. In the corner of the wall, there was this simple dress. Black with floral print, spaghetti straps and a pink belt to give the person figure. I picked it up.

            “Try it on” a voice behind me said. I turned around to see Danielle looking at me and the dress. “You’ll look great in it.”

            “You think so?” Dani looked me up and down.

            “It’ll really show off your legs.” She said. She walked me to the fitting room. Once I was inside, I got started on trying it on.

            “I’ll be here. Show me when you’re done.” Danielle called from the other side of the door. I stripped down to my underwear and slid the dress on. I had to take a breath before I opened my eyes to look in the mirror. When I did, I almost freaked out. The reflection showed a girl who wore the same dress I was. Her curves really showed off in a beautiful way. The girl was gorgeous, she was different, that girl was me.

Danielle’s P.O.V

            “What did you say?” El asked me.

            “I got Rey to try on a dress. Come! And get Perrie too!” I said running back to the change rooms. El and Perrie followed soon after.


            “Rey! Let’s see!” I called out. The door slowly opened. Out came Rey, but not butch tomboy Rey we all know. Gorgeous and innocent Rey came out. She wrapped her arms around herself to cover herself up.  

            “So…?” she asked. I smiled.

            “I knew it!” I said.

            “Whoa.” El joined in.

            “WOW! Is that you Rey?” Perrie said last. Rey blushed.

            “How does it feel?” I asked.

            “Good. I can breathe, and even bend over to touch my toes.” She replied.

            “Get it.” El insisted.

            “I shouldn’t. I don’t wear dresses. Only on special occasions.” She said.

            “Just get it! You could wear it the next time we go clubbing or something.” Perrie said. Rey got back it the change room and came out only minutes later.

            “Maybe. I’m just not too excited to wear it in front of the other guys.” She said straightening out her shirt and beanie.

            “If you wore that in front of other guys, they’d be all over you.” I said.

            “Not when I have no make- up or keep my hair naturally like this.” She countered.

            “Well, what if we changed you a bit?” El suggested.


            “Let’s dye your hair.” Perrie suggested.

            “No!” Rey protested. (LOL see what I did there? ;) )

            “Well not all of it. Just streaks or get highlights.” El said, Rey looked in the mirror.

            “You think I should? I’ve always wanted purple streaks.” She said.

            “Yeah you should!! It’ll look so awesome on you!” I exclaimed.

            “Fine then. Let’s do it. I think I have to do some things since I’m your body guard anyway.” She said.

            “I’ll dye my hair soon! Management says I have to anyway.” Perrie said. We paid for our things and left the store. We walked into a salon and Rey went to the counter.

            “Hi. I would like to dye my hair please.”

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