Protect for Love- One Direction Fanfiction

Reyna is a girl who never got a second glance. She's well, less than normal; at least if you just look at her. However, if you get to know her you'll find she's more extraordinary than ever.
One video changed her life. A video of her defending herself against 6 guys. Before she knew it, she became a bodyguard for one of the most famous boybands in history, One Direction. Little does she know adventure, love, and danger are soon to await her...


16. Chapter 15

Reyna’s P.O.V

***** Dream *****

            He was beautiful. Tall, strong, not to mention gorgeous. We were in a white room. He wore all black, while I wore a v- neck white dress. There was something about him. He was the only one who saw me when nobody else did. He accepts me for who I am and what I look like. There is no doubt in my mind that I love him. How do I know he loves me?

            “I’m here.” His gorgeous angelic voice said to me.

            “I know you are.” I replied.

           “You are beautiful. Nothing and nobody should tell you otherwise.” He said. He came close to me. An arm wrapped around my waist to pull me closer.

            “I need to know something.” I said getting on my toes. Our forheads connecting and our noses touching.

            “What’s that?” I breathed.

            “Do you love me?”

            “Let me show you.” He chuckled. His lips grazed mine. He pulled me close and-


I shot up. I was in my hotel room. Not in that plain white room with the guy of my dreams, I was in my hotel room forever alone. No wait, I fell asleep with Harry. Where was he? I sighed got up to get the door. It was Jeremy.

            “Good morning!!” He greeted.

            “Morning…” I groaned. “One thing you should know about me is I’m not a morning person.”

            “Oh sorry.” He apologized. “Well get ready and meet us in the lobby.”

            “Sure. I’ll be down in 15 minutes.” I smiled.

            “Great.” And he left. I went to get ready. When I went to the bathroom, I removed the gauze so I could change it. My ear was fine, but I still had to keep it covered from infection. I took off the wrap on my arm. The stitches were really showing off. It was definitely gonna scar me. I’m guessing that I’m gonna gain a few scars this tour… fun.

            I quickly wrapped up my wound and got dressed. Red and black plaid, black tank, blue skinny jeans, and combat boots were my choice for today. I grabbed my phone and bag from last night and ran out the door. I’m sure I was late, but I didn’t really care. I ran down the stairs (smart move since I was on the eighth floor right? By the time I got to the lobby, Jeremy, Paul and Martin were waiting.

            “Good morning.” I huffed trying to catch my breath.

            “Morning.” They greeted.

            “What time is it?” I asked.

            “Nine fifteen. Everyone else is heading down for breakfast now.” Paul said.

            “Coolness.” I said. We were in silence for a bit.

            “Reyna. Martin told me what happened.” Paul said to me.

            “Did he now?”

            “He told me that you refused to get stitches when you got hit by a car.”

            “So… what?” I wondered.

            “Was the injury bad?” he asked.

            “No. And I did them myself.” I lifted my arm and pushed away the wrapping to reveal my stitches. Paul took my arm to examine it.

            “Looks like it’s healing nicely. Luckily you know how to do stitches.”

            I took my arm back. “It’s nothing really. Just something I learned.” Martin pulled Paul aside, who knows what for, but it lead me and Jeremy alone.

            “Did you sleep okay?” I asked him.

            “Not really. The walls are thin and… a couple… you know-“

            “Yeah I know. You could have come back you know.” I said.

            “I know, just didn’t want to disturb you.” He admitted.

            “Oh… I see.” Just then, everyone came down, the boys and girlfriends. Something made me cling to Jeremy… like I was a shy little kid. They came to us.

            “Good morning.” The girlfriends sang.

            “Morning.” I nodded.

            “Are you okay?” they asked.

            “Yeah. I took care of everything so it’s okay.” I said. The boys dragged Jeremy with them to who knows where. Then why did I feel more than one set of eyes looking at me.

            “Can we see?” El asked.

            “You guys are okay with seeing swollen things?” the girls nodded. “I warned you guys.” I revealed my arm to them. They all looked shocked.

            “You know how to do stitches?” Dani asked. I nodded.

            “I know how to do lots of medical procedures.” Getting uncomfortable, I looked for Jeremy. “So… what’s the plan for today?”

            “I think some of us are going shopping.” El said. I groaned.

            “I hate shopping.” I admitted.

            “Well then you are in for a treat.” Perrie said sarcastically. Paul interrupted us.

            “Come on guys, lets go eat breakfast.”

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