Protect for Love- One Direction Fanfiction

Reyna is a girl who never got a second glance. She's well, less than normal; at least if you just look at her. However, if you get to know her you'll find she's more extraordinary than ever.
One video changed her life. A video of her defending herself against 6 guys. Before she knew it, she became a bodyguard for one of the most famous boybands in history, One Direction. Little does she know adventure, love, and danger are soon to await her...


13. Chapter 12

Reyna’s P.O.V

            My reflexes responded before my brain realized what was going on.

            “Dani!” was all that came out of my mouth. I quickly sprinted and pushed her out of the path from the truck. I leaped forward, but not fast enough. A wall pushed me off my feet and to the right. I landed on my right arm and right leg. I heard a sickening tearing sound before my head slammed into the pavement. Pain burned into the right side of my head and ear. The pain stopped and I blacked out.

**** A few minutes later ****

            “Oh my god!” I heard a voice scream.

            “Rey!” screamed another.

            “That looked brutal.”

            “Call 9-1-1!”

            I don’t know who those voices belonged to. What I do know was the right side of my body was getting numb… or really sore. I felt hands help me roll over onto my back.

            “I’m okay guys. Really. It’s Dani you should be checking. Not me.” I insisted. I tried to sit up, but someone pushed me down

            “Have you seen yourself Rey? The hit looked pretty brutal.” Clearly Dani.

            “No. I’m fine. I’m talking and moving my arms. I have no headache… for now, so no head trauma. Let me examine you.” I said sitting up again. I winced as the pain stabbed my ribs.

            “See! You’re not fine!” Harry (I think it was his voice) insisted.

            “Yes I am. Trust me.” I said as I got to my feet. “I need to check the function in my legs anyway.” I walked to Danielle.

            “Let me examine you. I pushed you pretty hard.” I said. I lifted my hand to start the exam, but she looked horrified.

            “What?” I asked.

            “Did you examine your arm?” she said.

            “What-?” I looked at my arm and immediately knew what she was talking about. The tear that I heard was my sleeve that ripped. It revealed a huge gash that ran along my forearm, and my blood was oozing from it. My blood was dripping down my fingers

            “Oh… that.” Now that I looked at the injury under the light, I really felt the pain run up my right arm. Someone behind me threw up. Others looked really shocked, like they saw a ghost.

            “Someone get help!” Perrie screamed.

            “No! It’s fine. Let’s just get to the hotel and I’ll stitch this up in my room.” I said trying to calm people down.

            “Stop being so stubborn and let us take you to the hospital.” Harry begged.

**** flashback ****

            “Mommy wake up!” I screamed, trying to get my voice to reach her from behind the glass.

            “She’s bleeding out! We need more gauze!”

            “No good, her abdomen’s ridged! She’s bleeding internally!”

            “Her right pupil just blew! She needs to be opened up right now!”

            “Let’s move!” the doctors were screaming. One of them saw me.

            “I promise she’ll come back for you.” She said to me. She turned around and sprinted into the elevator along with my mom and other doctors.

            “No… Please… Don’t take me to that awful place.” I gasped. My heart started to race and my knees began to buckle. I sank onto my knees with my head in my hands. Someone wrapped their arms around me.

            “Okay. We’ll take you to your room. Not a hospital. Is that okay?” Jeremy’s voice filled my ears. I nodded my head. He slipped an arm under my knees and another around my back. He lifted me up and started walking. I didn’t cry or care about what the others were thinking about me. I” just kept thinking about the bad things that happen in the place that everyone thinks is so safe.

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