she's not afraid

cara delevingne and her best friend harry styles are forbidden to see each other because their parents think their bad for each other. but little do they know that cara sneaks out at night just to see him. they soon fall in love and decide to tell their parents but what will they think?



 Caras pov

 last night was the best,harry was so sweet. he told me he loved me but he didnt ask me to be his girlfriend and we always tell eachother that all the time so i dont know. i got out of bed and brushed my hair. i put on black leather high waisted pants and a maroon cropped sweater. i brushed my teeth and slipped on my white converse. i did my makeup and grabbed my phone. no messages from harry. thats weird he texts me every morning. i walked downstairs and and saw my brother on the phone. i grabbed a cereal bar and my book bag. i got in my brothers car. who were you talking to? i asked taking a bite of the bar. one. he said looking at the rode.oh come on tell me!!! i said interested. well....someone...said..harrys.. haryys what? i asked worried. in what?! why?! well he got hit by a car on the way home at 1 in the morning. his mother is mad and doesnt know why he would be out that late. my eyes filled with tears. we have to go see him!! please...matt..please. after school because his mother leaves then. i nodded and tears just kept coming out of my eyes. we got to school and i put my books away. tears just kept coming out because of all the times me and harry walked down this hallway. people stared at me but not weirdly there stared at me like they cared and knew what happeded. i saw my brother in the hall way and he came up to me and hugged me. do you want to go to the hospital? he asked. i nodded. he wrapped his arm around me and we got in his car. we drove to the hospital and i ran to the front desk. the lady told me the directions and i ran to his room. all i saw was harry laying there. tears poured down my face. i walked up to him and sat in the chair next to the bed. i held his hand and his eyes opened. cara? he asked. harry! i hugged him.tears got on him. i thought you wouldnt come. he said sadly. of course i would come. has your mom been here yet? yes,she said she doesnt want to see me again and she knows i sneak out to see you. he said tearing up a bit.  dont worry harry,i love you..its all my fault if i never started to sneak out you wouldve never got hurt. cara...its..not you fault, i love you and im glad we snuck out, im glad i have a best friend like you. your always there for me and i really do love you. harry...  kiss me cara. i leaned in and i kissed him. we pulled away and i sat next to him while we talked. the doctor came in and said he might have some infection that could lead up to cancer from the rust of the car. the doctor took one more test to be sure. he walked out of the room. i tried to calm me and harry down until his mom walked in. i told myself to not be afraid. WHAT IS SHE DOING HERE! his mom screamed. calm down mom,she came to see if i was ok. DONT YOU THINK I DONT KNOW ABOUT YOU SNEAKING OUT!  she screamed again. but i got afraid this time and my eyes started watering. MOM STOP! IF ANYTHING YOUR THE ONE THATS BAD FOR ME, YOU MAKE MY LIFE A LIVING HELL AND YOU WONT LET ME SEE THE GIRL THAT I LOVE FOR NO DAMN REASON.AND YES WE SNEAK OUT AT NIGHT AND YES WE SEE EACH OTHER AT SCHOOL BUT THATS BECAUSE SHES MY BEST FRIEND AND HAS BEEN THERE FROM THE START, WHENEVER SOMETHING GOES BAD SHES THE SHOULDER I CRY ON. WHENEVER WERE TOGETHER I HAVE THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE AND ALL MY PROBLEMS FADE AWAY, WHEN IM WITH HER I FEEL LIKE WERE THE ONLY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD SHES THE BEST THING I EVER HAD AND IM NOT GOING TO LET ANYONE RUIN THAT. shes my whole life i love her so much just please let me have this one thing. thats all im asking is to have this one thing in my life forever. please.... he was crying and so was his mom. my face was blank and happy tears were coming out of my eyes. i never knew he felt that way about me. 

harrys moms pov

i never knew he felt that way about her. i feel like a terrible mother. im sorry harry i never knew you felt that and i know sorry wont cut it but i dont know what to do anymore. i dont even know who you or gemma are anymore. i never see you and im always busy with work. i really am sorry to both of you. i put my arms open to hug cara i wasnt expecting a hug back but she gave me one . i smiled and saw harry smile too. just then matt and gemma walked in and looked surprised with a surprised caras mom behind them. i told her everything and she agreed. the doctor came back with good news that harrys ok but it was a quick recovery. but the doctor said he recovered because he relieved a lot of stress and is really happy right now. harry left the hospital and gemma is getting harry ready for a date he has in an hour with cara.

harrys pov

im so happy today. i love cara and im going on a date with her im going to ask her if she will be my girlfriend. gemma is getting me ready.

caras pov

im so excited for the date with harry. im wearing  a black velvet crop top that has silver diamonds on it  and im wearing a red high waisted skirt. i am wearing black pumps and i did black makeup with a tint of red in the eyeshawdow. i curled my hair and bobby pinned a piece of my hair back. i heard knock on the door. come in. my mom walked in. honey you look beautiful. thanks mom. she gave me a envelope from harry and walked out of the room. i opened it up and it said when i see you it makes your lips so kissable and your kiss unmissable,your fingertips so touchable and your eyes irresistible. and a bunch of rose petals fell out. there was a path of rose petals so i followed them to the same ware house that we went to when we snuck out. i opened the doors and a bunch of red balloons were on the floor mixed with rose petals. there were white lights hung everywhere and candles lit. the back doors were open and i saw harry out there. i walked out and tapped his shoulder. he grabbed my hand and we looked at the stars. harry turned to me and gave me a small box. i opened it and saw a necklace that said h+c and said the date we met 1996 on a heart shaped charm. harry i love it. cara jocelyn delevingne i love you so much and i liked you ever since we were little babies you mean everything to me will you be my girlfriend. of course harry edward styles. i kissed him and he swung me around. he helped me put on my necklace and we went back inside the ware house. we dance together and kissed in between. it was the best night of my life. we ended the night dancing with eachother.

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