she's not afraid

cara delevingne and her best friend harry styles are forbidden to see each other because their parents think their bad for each other. but little do they know that cara sneaks out at night just to see him. they soon fall in love and decide to tell their parents but what will they think?



  caras pov

the date with harry was amazing last night. today is friday so i get to see harry at school. i showered and got changed. i changed into a tight black sleeveless crop top and a black high waisted skirt that has red roses on it. i put on my black vans and did my makeup. i put my hair into a side braid and grabbed my bag. i walked downstairs and got in my brothers car. he walked out with a girl behind him. she had red hair that went down to her waist and she was wearing black high waisted skirt with a dark green crop top. she looked perfect. get in the back sis. he said taking the girl to the passenger. thanks,sorry matt. i didnt mean to sound like a bitch but i wasnt moving for some girl that looked like barbie. hey im amber and im not one of those girls that are bitchy and think their better then everyone and your brother told me a lot about you. oh..sorry and i didnt mean to be like that. its fine. well leggo! she giggled and we drove to school with me in the back. i really like her and im happy for my brother. we got to school and harry was by my locker with his books. i ran up to him and kissed his lips. he pulled me close with his arms around my waist and i threw my arms around his neck. we pulled appart and i got out my books. we walked to our class hand in hand. people smiled and pointed at us. we walked into our first class and did our work. but we would pass notes. *skip until lunch*  this time during lunch me and harry are going to a pizza place thats close to the school with amber and matt. we got in the back of the car and we all talked. we got a plain pizza and sodas. the waitress came to take our stuff and winked at both harry and matt. you got something in your eye?amber asked smirking at the waitress. she looked annoyed and walked away. we had to get back to school so we left. we go there and i kissed harry on the cheek before i left for class. i walked into study hall and there was that guy that looks at me all the time. i sat in my chair and i was about to put my earbuds in when the guy said something. did you say something?i asked smiling. congratulations on harry.he said smiling. thanks.i put my ear buds in and listened to say something. i took out a piece of paper and wrote a note to harry. it said i love you and i put a little heart. the bell rang. finally the day was over. harry wasnt at his locker yet so i slipped in the note and grabbed my stuff. i got in my brothers car and saw amber in the front seat. she smiled at me and i did the same. we drove home and i went upstairs. my phone buzzed and it was a message from harry. c-cara h-harry

h-i got your note i love you too princess

c-do you want to come over?

h-sure,see you in a bit

c-ok bye hazz!

h-bye princess

i love how he calls me princess. i decided to shower. i got out and brushed my hair. i changed into a agua blue lace crop top and a cream color tutu style high waisted skirt. i was about to do my makeup but i heard a knock on my door. harry walked in. hey beautiful. he said kissing my nose. yeah right. dont say that you dont need makeup to be beautiful. he said hugging me. i smiled. well let me put on makeup. nooo! leave it off.he said. ok... he pulled me close and we kissed. we layed on the bed and he was on top of me. we continued to kiss until matt walked in. i groaned in annoyment. oh sorry...i just wanted to ask harry a question. couldve knocked. harry walked up to my brother. 

harrys pov

we were making out until caras brother matt walked in. she groaned in annoyment. he said he had to ask me a question. i got off of the bed and walked up to him. whats up? you have any condoms..?he asked. i handed him one and laughed. i shut the door and went over to cara. what did he want?she asked smiling. a condom. and you happened to have one?she laughed. yup! i kissed her soft lips. we continued to kiss.

matts pov

i went to ask harry for a condom. i know thats awkward but i dont have them. i walked in on them kissing. i asked him and it was really awkward. he just laughed. i walked back to amber and continued kissing her. next thing you know she was in her bra and under ware and i was in my boxers. you know what happens next.

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