she's not afraid

cara delevingne and her best friend harry styles are forbidden to see each other because their parents think their bad for each other. but little do they know that cara sneaks out at night just to see him. they soon fall in love and decide to tell their parents but what will they think?



  caras pov

  i woke up and checked my gold iPhone 5s. i got two messages from harry. the first one read: hey sneak out tonight at midnight. the second one read: bring speakers! i replied with an ok and started my shower. i got in and thought about what me and harry are going to do tonight. we always sneak out and always do something fun. yeah were forbidden to see each other because our parents are strict. i got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my body. i changed into black high waisted jeans and a green cropped sweater. i brushed my dirty blonde hair and wore a black beanie. i slipped on my black combat boots and layed out my makeup. i did something simple and grabbed my book bag. i hate school. i went downstairs and ate some cereal. my brother matt came down and grabbed his bag. ready to go? he asked me. i nodded and put my bowline the sink. we got in his car and drove to school. i put my head phones in. the only time i get to see harry is at school and when i sneak out. but my parents don't know i see brother let me out and walked over to his friends. i looked around for harry and saw him at his locker. hey hazza. hey car! he said hugging me and swinging me around. my locker is right next to his so we see each other a lot even though we can't. i got out my books and shut my locker. me and harry walked to first period together. we sat in our seats and made small paper airplanes. we through them at mr wilson. one hit him in his head and me and harry laughed. when he turned around we pretended to do our work. mr wilson sighed and went back to writing on the board. the bell rang. *skip until lunch* we walked to lunch and sat at the tables. we never bought lunch instead harry would bring a small hoagie for us to split and we would get fruit punch cans from the vending machine. we ate and talked. harry sat on the chair and i would sit facing him with my legs on his lap.  i got out my phone and took a picture of harry while he was taking a huge bite of his hoagie. i started laughing. what? he asked inoccently. i showed him the picture and he was about to take the phone when i moved it back and posted it on twitter and instagram. he made a pouty face but failed and started laughing instead. we finished eating and talked until the bell rang. i hated the last periods of the day because i don't have any of them with harry. i hugged him and walked to my next class. at least it was study hall so i can listen to music. i put my earbuds in and i wanted to text harry but i didn't want to get him in trouble so i decided against it. i sat there and tapped two pencils against the desk to the music. i caught a boy with light brown hair and blue eyes looking at me. i stopped tapping the pencils and mouthed sorry to him. he smiled and nodded. i put my feet on the desk and took selfies on my phone. he was looking at me again. i took my head phones out and said what? nothing…he said back. the bell rang and i went to my next class. great the same kid is in that class..i groaned and sat down. *skip the rest of the day* i went home and showered.  i got out and dryer my hair. i put it in a messy bun and changed. i put on a blue crop top which had yellow and dark blue flowers on it. i also put on a black high waisted skirt and a light jean jacket. i slipped on gold flats and did my makeup. i sat on my bed and listened to music. midnight finally rolled around and i grabbed the speakers harry wanted me to bring. i opened my window and climbed down. i met harry at a tree that was a couple houses down from mine. i hugged him and i followed him.

harrys pov

i waited for cara at a tree where i always wait. its a couple houses down from hers so her parents don't see me. i saw her walking towards me. she looks gorgeous. i always loved her. but i don't know if she feels the same way. she walked up to me and i hugged her. she followed me. i was taking her to an empty ware house. i had a bunch of lights hanging up and a bunch of pink balloons on the floor. she brought speakers so we can play music. we arrived and i opened the door. she smiled and said this is amazing hazz! she plugged in the speakers and we danced around. when a slow song came on. hold on let me change it.she said. wait!dont change it. she nodded and i pulled her arms were around her waist and her arms were around my neck. we just looked into each others eyes. we were really close. i kissed her nose and she smiled. i love you cara jocelyn delevingne. i love you too harry edward styles. she said softly. i pulled her closer and kissed her lips. she kissed back. we stayed there hugging for a long time.

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