she's not afraid

cara delevingne and her best friend harry styles are forbidden to see each other because their parents think their bad for each other. but little do they know that cara sneaks out at night just to see him. they soon fall in love and decide to tell their parents but what will they think?



 caras pov

me and harry were kissing on my bed. he was on top of me and was sucking on my neck. i moaned. h-harry.i pushed him off. sorry. he said looking down. no,no its fine.i said picking up his chin with my fingers. I'm just not ready. i said quieter. its ok, whenever your ready princess. i half smiled. whats wrong? he asked. I'm just..scared, i mean i want to but. its ok whenever your ready and don't be scared i never will push you. he said giving me a reassuring smile. i smiled and we watched netflix while cuddling. i love you. he whispered kissing my nose. i love you too.

Caras pov

It was Saturday morning and I woke up cuddled next to Harry, my mom walked in and her face expression completely changed from happy to confused.I had to admit I was scared. I quickly got up but she stopped me. You too? She said putting her hand down in disappointment. W-what..? I asked a little confused. I just found your brother and a girl in his you and Harry.My mom continued. Um....yeah...about and Harry are dating. I smiled nervously. Harry yawned and stretched. What was that princess? He smiled. I quickly pointed in the direction of my mom. Harry quickly started explaining. My mom also stopped him. No,'s alright just continue having a good day I already spoke to your mother,I just well...didn't believe her. Breakfast will be ready in a half an hour. And with that said she walked out of the room. I was surprised and in deep thought. After a couple of shakes Harry finally broke my deep thought. Sorry...I'm just surprised. I said laying back down in Harry's shoulder we spent the rest of the day relaxing. We should do something really fun tomorrow!harry cheered. what ? cream..boardwalk,ALL DAY! It sounds like you got the day all planned out. Ok so tomorrow at 8am. We will be back at 11pm. DEAL!!! Can't wait.

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