harrys little toy

harry styles ahhhh <333 the cutest boy or hottest boy in school is actually my brother!?! haha yea... well my name is ally styles and im harrys sis every girl at school is goo gaa gaa for him but ill tell you what. he is well LAME but i love him he is my bro but what happens when i fall for one of his best friends❤️ ??*this book looks long! But is really short �� so please read! (: xx


18. what the hell!

Okay so what do you need sir i asked playfully!

Haha he laughed but he made like this serious face!

Wee-were moving

My heart dropped !

But friends! Omg annnie! Oh my good! NIAlLL

What no harrry why?'

Well the community!there having a renivation so all houses are going to be moved and destroyed for a new parking lot. For a nee mal!

Omg harry where are we moving! To losangles'

What noo please no. I beg you harry! Please i cridd in to his arms no harry he just kissed my forhead and told me we cant do anything about it! I walked away and looked for niall! I was already late for class but whatevet! I finally found him he was running to his class but i yelled his name right on time

Nialll! I yelled hoplessly

Omg babe whats wrong??

Im moving! I said crying a river

Iits ok but he then started singing a song to me .. Say somthing i stopped crying and just kissed him on the cheek and left... 3 weeks later..

Are you ready isabella!! Harry yelled holding moving boxes.. Yea i said wiping a tear off my cheek.. Its okay daniela said giving me a warm huug. I know but .. Never mind okay lets go harry said..we left the house empty and soulless.. Harry was about to push the key and start the car but i said wait harry i forgot somthing! I said okay go and get it .. Thanks i said.. I quickly ran upstairs and went in my closet and got a key chain and it said "dont forget" it was a key chain that my mom got me right when she passed away.. She said to give it to somone special. And niall was .. SPECIAL to me..soon i ran back downstaris and right when i was about to close the door i stooped looked back and looked around and remembered..remembered every thing! All the memories..everything.i took one more step and cosed the door behind me.. And squesed my keychain in my hand took one big breath and walked to the car and asked if i could head on to nialls house.. Sure harry said inserting the key and drove off.. Harry stopped the car at the driveway.. Of nialls home . I got off took a deep breath rang the doorbell niall opened the door and said "so this is goodbye"

No.not yet. I said giving him a passionite kiss . And gave him the key chain. " when my mom passed away she gave this key chain to me and said give this to somone special.so niall horran your special to me i kissed it and gave it to him he kissed it and gave me a passonite kiss isabella styles ill miss you and and kissed me agian and said "ill never forget"...

Okay guys this isnt the ending! (; lol theyre will be more tomaroo ASAP lolso hope you enjoy and in the next 1 st /or/2nd chapter your names will be in it so yea! And also i wont be planning to end this book till like 7/9 more months!so yea thanks guys please share and comment any questins byye felica ! (:(; <3333

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