harrys little toy

harry styles ahhhh <333 the cutest boy or hottest boy in school is actually my brother!?! haha yea... well my name is ally styles and im harrys sis every girl at school is goo gaa gaa for him but ill tell you what. he is well LAME but i love him he is my bro but what happens when i fall for one of his best friends❤️ ??*this book looks long! But is really short �� so please read! (: xx


14. oh thats how you feel?

so what did you want to talk about?

umm ok niall says umm do you want to go out? and no harry didnt want me to ask you this is me.

umm ok yea

yes! he says and kisses me on the cheek i turned red! soon daniela and harry come downstairs.

heey guys daniela says with a big smile!

so did harry

you guys wanna watch a movie? asks harry

we all say yea

ok how about a horror movie? asks harry

haha ok i say niall whispers in my ear

if you get scared just hold my hand

ok blondie i whisper then he gently kisses my forhead hes really sweet

ewww das nasty! yells harry playfully

shuuut upp i smile throwing a pillow at him!. xD

ok ok he says soon he puts on parornormal activity.i grab nialls hand and he picks it up and kisses it gently soon i lay my head on his chest and plays with my hair.

then i feel asleep..

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