harrys little toy

harry styles ahhhh <333 the cutest boy or hottest boy in school is actually my brother!?! haha yea... well my name is ally styles and im harrys sis every girl at school is goo gaa gaa for him but ill tell you what. he is well LAME but i love him he is my bro but what happens when i fall for one of his best friends❤️ ??*this book looks long! But is really short �� so please read! (: xx


16. no no im not jelous at all!

so we walked downstairs in no rush and daniela was waiting she looked pretty as always but she looked gorgeous!but i guess niall didnt seem to notice..good! he wasnt like zayn thank goddness oh and harry to was ready!

wow guys 7:21 were going to be late!! harry says

fine lets go daniela says

so we walk out and arrive at school,soon all the boys were surrounding daniela like liam.louis,ewww zayn

zayyeeem louis says i think he was messing around???

soon the boys walk away with daniela then some other boys were saying "dat ass" "dayym" to her thats what they say to me? whatever i was kinda jelous of her but i have niall now!so yea and speaking of him it was only me and him! he grabs my hand..all of the girls were giving me dirty looks and saying "what" "told you" and some were nice like "aww" "theyre a cute couple!" he kisses my cheek i cant help but to blush !!


bye i say ging him a kiss on the lips i guess were dating!

what gurl !?! im walking you to class! he says i cant help but to laugh!!

haha ok come on blondie i say holding his hand.soon we arrive at my 1st per class

bye babe he says kissing me

bye i say kissing his cheek soon i go inside.oh daniela...

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