harrys little toy

harry styles ahhhh <333 the cutest boy or hottest boy in school is actually my brother!?! haha yea... well my name is ally styles and im harrys sis every girl at school is goo gaa gaa for him but ill tell you what. he is well LAME but i love him he is my bro but what happens when i fall for one of his best friends❤️ ??*this book looks long! But is really short �� so please read! (: xx


13. jelous monday


so i wake up to harrys loud music!!!

shut up i yell

no he yells back wow grat way to start a monday! so i got a knock on the door.

heey gurl sleep tight? she aske haha ok wby!?


so we both got changed i put on; a cut tank top that says "fancy" then some hollister skinney jeans and my black converse then my black leather jacket with mu hair put up in a poiny tale and with the ends extara curly! and my black shades

daniela was more girly so she put on a cute sweatshirt that was purple and said freash and black skinny jeans and some black high heels and let her hair go free.

harry put on a black v-nech and some vans and jeans

so we arrive at school; so we went to go get her schedule we arrive at 7:30 school starts at 8:05 but right befor i we were about to enter the office a deep voice yelled my name

ally he said but i look back and so did daniela and zayns eyes checked her out up to down.. well whats her name? he grabs her hand and kisses it and lets it flow gently wow flirt much!?!

flirt much i yell

calm down he says putting his index finger on my lip trying to shush me and right after he kisses me i push him away with a dirty look

what the hell zayn?

what? he asks all inoccent

i saw what you did with my cousin!!!

nothing happend uhh yea i saw you grab her hand and kissit!!! i say with a bitchy look

ok soo? he asks

so you flirt in front of me??

so its not like we were dating or anything !?? he yells

we- i was interrupted when harry walks up to us

is there anything going on ally/zayn?

uhh noo. i say looking down.

uhh yea there is i saw it!! he yells at zayn am i

oh.. i say softly

daniela go take ally in the bathroom i have to deal with some buessnes with my friend here zayn..

harry n- !!! befor i could say anything garry had all ready punched zayn!!!

HARRY!!! NO!!!!! STOP!!!! please i scream

and they were getting at eachother.. soon security came but it was to late.. zayn was bleeding from his lip and from his right arm and he couldnt walk and had a blue eye.. gor harry not much just couldnt walk and had a bleeding lip..

stop boys stop!!! yells the securitty!

they stopped

dont be doing that shit agian! especially to my sister! he yells!

zayn stays queit and so the go theyre seprete ways to the principles office.

3/4 per

soon zayn and harry came back at well. THE SAME TIME !!! idk what to do !!! all i thought was about the fight!!! i started crying during class

omg is ally crying!?? yells some random kid

i just put my head down..

then i hear that about 8/9 more times !!! untill everyone was talking about it in class. me snd daniela we got the same classes which i guess was good but soon louis,niall,liam,zayn.harry,daniela ,annie all found out and were asking about it all during classes.3/4 ended and then lunch as soon as i got out everyone was talking about it by everyone i mean the whole school!!!! and then lois,zayn.niall,harry,liam,annie,daniela all came up to me nd asked why i was crying i yelled everything

zayn dont come near me!!! i yelled in discust!

what why!?! he asks

what the hell do you remember what you told me we were nothing and id like to keep it that way no datin,flirting, no friendship! then i ran to the bathroom. all the girls boys followed exept zayn.good.

its ok you could do way better than that zayn thing ! said daniela yea you can added annie

soon i calmed down and we headed down to lucnch.

zayn pov

i lost ally forever.i ruined everything!

louis pov

i feel so bad shes really pretty! and sweet i love her as a friend and hope she is ok

liam pov

i feel really bad what zayn said was bad

niall pov

why the fuck would he do that thats not how you speak to a wonderful girl like her how could he and i just really wished she understood hes not worth her tears.

harry pov

one word wooooww he is really fucked up i love ally soo much i dont ever want to see this agian

annies pov

shes a strong gorgeous girl she doesnt deserve this shit!

danielas pov

shes a gorgeous girl what he did is hella bad

soon lunch ended and 567 per ended and we went home. we got a knock on the door it was niall.

hey ally I need to talk to you. niall asks...

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