harrys little toy

harry styles ahhhh <333 the cutest boy or hottest boy in school is actually my brother!?! haha yea... well my name is ally styles and im harrys sis every girl at school is goo gaa gaa for him but ill tell you what. he is well LAME but i love him he is my bro but what happens when i fall for one of his best friends❤️ ??*this book looks long! But is really short �� so please read! (: xx


1. his ways

sooo... many people believe that omg harry this harry that...well once you live with him you offically well dont like him.

well my name is ally i live in california with my brother and his friends niall,liam,zayn,louis well his friends dont live with us but you get it,well anyways im 17 and harrys 17 too were twins but he acts as if he was 21 but we live in a big house but our parents died last year..its still hard but we try everyday but harry is actually the most popular "hottest guy" at our school barf in my mouth!!!!!! he is like the player girlfriends everyy 2 weeks anyways those are his ways we are in the 12th grade and well almost its summer but tomarro is the first day of school!!!!

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