harrys little toy

harry styles ahhhh <333 the cutest boy or hottest boy in school is actually my brother!?! haha yea... well my name is ally styles and im harrys sis every girl at school is goo gaa gaa for him but ill tell you what. he is well LAME but i love him he is my bro but what happens when i fall for one of his best friends❤️ ??*this book looks long! But is really short �� so please read! (: xx


10. friday!

so i woke up gosh im soo tired !!!

knock on the door*

ello love harry said sweetly

umm yea come in

wow you in bed still!?! harry said

well yea its only 7:04

well come on get ready for zayn!!

shuutt uppp i said and threw a pillow st him when he left

haha he giggled

soon i put on a cute sweatshirt that said diamond and a pair of ripped jeans and my converse

i walked down! and no suprise!!!! harrys gf omg i cant hold it in anymore!!!

what the hell is she doing here!!!!! i yelled

what dont talk to her like that alllyy!!!! he yelled

welll i dont like her harry! i yelled back

she flipped me offf!!!! and her and harry walked out! and then they both flipp me off!!! and shut the door! i just stared at the door! then i sat on the stairs and started balling!!!! then a knock was on the door..

zayn?? i said trying to whipe my tears off!

whats wrong babe! he said while crattling me

i got in a big fight with harry and his gf and the the the- worrr-worr-worrst paart was that h-h-he tooook her then i started balling into tears!!!! took herrr side i yelled and rested my head on zayns head..

shhh shhh he said while wrapping his arms around me a kissing my forhead mutiple of times..i felt safe with him i really did..

zayns pov

well i walked in oh shes crying .. what could i do well i lost feelings for her... i dint reallly care.. i didnt fell the same.. harrys the one that told me to ask her out.i dont like ally at all.


i stopped crying it was 7:38

c''mone he said holding my hand

we finally arrived at school ewww harry but somthing strange happened. harry and zayn winked at eachother.

That was weird people soon it was 7th per And I was so excited because I was going to go with zayn

soon I met With zayn and we went inside his car and our first stop was the gas station

so where do you want to go first he asked

the movies I replied with a smile

okay then he rolled his eyes

about two minutes later he left the car to go inside to get gas he left his phone and since he was acting all weird I looked through it I read his messages with Harry and my heart dropped...

Harry; hey can you ask out my sister

zayn; sure

Harry; thanks

zayn; shes a thirsty ho xD

harry ; yea she is

soon he walked in the car and I stayed quiet


oh hi and umm arnet you going to call me a thirsty ho?!?! i yelled he stayed quiet a tear feel from my cheek

soon I arrived home. i slapped harry and flipped him off

what the helll!!!?? he screamed

harry arnt i a thirsy ho

he stayed quiet

yea thats what i thought

and you know what i hate that you interferred with my lovelife i hate you fuck off harry !!! you act like im a toy im not you cant just play with me forever and break me whenever im not like that! im just not im not. your toy. im not harrys toy.

soon i walked upstairs and cried in warm comfortable pillow.it felt like i was on a cloud.

ring ring ring ring it was annie calling i didnt want to talk right now! but she was my bestfriend so.

hello? i asked in a raspy voice

omg thank goddnes i was woried for you zayn told me everything he was crying she said

well good for him thats what he deserves for what he called me!

oh well that not my problem! i said rudly!

oh okay and i have to tell you somthing she said

yea what is it?

ummm zayn doesnt like you anymore..

dead Silence

i know that i said but why i added?

i really dont know but i have got to go my mom is calling me text you later k and its ok what harry did is really stupid!! k and hang out with me instead just us yea

yea i said

k bye girl

bye.. beeb beep it ended

OMG one thing popped in my head!?? i have classes with harry by that i mean alllll classes! shit. and not to meansion i have 3/4 with everryone! ughhh my luck!i was getting tired but then i got a message from niall ;

niall; goodnight <3

me; night blondie (:

after that i wondered if he liked me but i doubt it but soon i feel asleep

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