harrys little toy

harry styles ahhhh <333 the cutest boy or hottest boy in school is actually my brother!?! haha yea... well my name is ally styles and im harrys sis every girl at school is goo gaa gaa for him but ill tell you what. he is well LAME but i love him he is my bro but what happens when i fall for one of his best friends❤️ ??*this book looks long! But is really short �� so please read! (: xx


2. first day of school!

wake up allly!!!! harry yelled

im up im up!!! i replied

well come on were going to be late!! harry exlaimed

ok gosh can you go know im going to change! i said

ok just hurry! harry replied

he left FINALLY,well so i changed into this light blue holister shirt and some normal white shorts with my galexy vans and also took my clali life sweatshirt.so i headed down stairs and i saw zayn,niall,louis,liam,my bro

harrys pov:

she walked down stairs like nothing!!! those shorts were really shoort!!! what was she thinking?!?

what !?! you are not going to school like that!! i said

well i could wear what i want and these shorts arnt that short!! ally replied with attitude

well she looks really pretty!! just leave it harry zayn inturrupted

ok then i said

zayns pov:

i saw her walk down the stairs and she looked really pretty! well she always does but only if she knew that i likeed her only if she knew.

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