Skater Girl

A skateboard takes people down any path. But nobody knew a simple skateboard could take someone down the path of love.



2. I'm Innocent

Liam's Point Of View

The same girl who I nicknamed "Skater Girl." Is Still missing. People keep pointing fingers at me. Simon is furious with me and I think the boys don't even believe I'm innocent.

I have been trying to stay out of sight by everybody for the past 2 days. But today I am going to try to convince her family I am innocent and tell them the story.I grabbed my keys from the coffee table and started my car...

Hazel Anne's Point Of View

I'm everyone's main target at the moment. See I'm labeled as "missing" currently and there is a reward of $120,000 if someone finds me. People are seriously dressing their teens like me and trying to pass them to my family! Like who does that?

You're probably wondering if I'm the main target how are you still roaming around? Who said I'm still in England? I never said that. I'm not. I'm currently in America. After changing my looks I flew to America. I now go under the name of Anna Parker.

I dyed my hair blonde and cut it just a bit. I wear fake glasses now as well. I enrolled myself in a new school and everything. I feel the need to start over. Once I find a person I can trust maybe I will reveal myself and why I'm doing what I'm doing.

Liam's Point Of View

I hope the news gave the correct address. I stepped out of my car and knocked on the door.

A young girl that looked about 12 opened the door and her eyes widened.


"No. No I -" I was cut off by a man running towards me tackling me. He held a gun to my stomach. I knew this was the end.

"I'm innocent... I swear. "

A loud noise caused the neighbors to come out...


Think Liam is innocent? Oh and poor Liam... If you think he is innocent comment below #LiamIsInnocent . If you think he is guilty comment below #LiamIsGuilty ! Sorry it's so short! It's late here and It's a school night! ( 9:53PM) Oh I am so lame! -Maya


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