Who's Adopting Me

What happens when you get adopted by the world famous boy band member Liam Payne. Fallow A.J. through heartache, doctor vists, and marrage of two people she loves.


1. Who's going to be adopted me


                I woke up to screaming when I noticed that the two other fifteen year old girls were screaming at. I just calmly got up and pick it up went to the window and released it. Oh I guess your wondering who i am, well my names Amanda Jane everyone calls me A.J. though. I'm fifteen years old i have electric blue hair, a sixteenth note tattoo, and my nose and all the way up my ear pierced. I know i sound emo but when i came here I decided to give myself a dont mess with me look. I love the color yellow and i love to skateboard, and sing. I can play the cello, piano, guitar, violin, viola, and the saxophone. I know that's a lot but up until i came here to 'Heavens Home for Girls' i went to Julliard in New York for being a musical prodigy. I guess your wondering how i got here, well when i was ten my parents dropped me off for the school year and they where in a car wreck. Then Julliard said i couldn't go their anymore. I went to Donchaster England to live with my uncle but he put me up for adoption so i went here.


Harry's POV

             Right before we were going to go on the plane Uncle Si called and said that I had to adopt a girl when we got to Louis hometown. I asked where to go he said 'Heavens Home for Girls'. I said okay and boarded plane. When we lifted off i said i hoped they weren't all fans. I guess Zayn heard me and asked what. i had to say nothing.  


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